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My 25NL Adventure/Pilgrimage My 25NL Adventure/Pilgrimage

11-21-2005 , 01:55 AM
I misread the post. RF not CF for AKs. All is right with the world.
11-21-2005 , 02:30 AM
"Posting less" is a bit of an understatement, isn't it?
01-19-2006 , 08:23 AM
A question regarding the starting hand chart. Seen this countless of times.

When I first spotted that I should limp with crap from late position when there are limpers before me I was a bit 'wtf?' because it didn't make sense to me. There is no edge to play the same crap hands everyone else is playing. But then I realized it must because of the pot odds. As long as I get to see the flop cheap.
What if, imagine I'm CO and there are two limpers before me in 6max, button limps, sb minraises or raises to 4xbb(not anything bigger like 4+1/limp). BB calls and the two limpers before me call. Am I still getting the pot odds to call the raise considering there is only one acting behind me(or none)? I guess I would be looking at 1-2 solid hands at best knowing people tend to be rather loose preflop in lowlimits.
01-19-2006 , 09:15 AM
Fimbulwinter is a wery good player and he can allow himselv to play this way. If I would use his starting hand chart, I would go broke (I tryed, I did).
01-24-2006 , 05:47 PM
did you read my post called "deep stacks, implied odds..."

that wa written right after the change for people having a hard time adjusting...

01-31-2006 , 06:38 PM
Sometimes, I like to have a nice pretty picture for things, so I made a color chart of these. Among other things, I think the importance of position really jumps out at you. You can find it here. I can post it as images if people want, but I didn't want to clutter up the thread.

It wasn't obvious to me exactly what "LOT" meant, but I took my best guess.

If anyone has time to double-check this, that would be great .. I'm way too lazy to type something like this up from scratch, so I wrote some stupid code that parsed his post and spat out html, so there could easily be some errors.

Is this useful to anyone else?
02-15-2006 , 06:47 AM

Thanks. Very useful.


02-15-2006 , 06:48 AM
Thanks. Very useful.


03-06-2006 , 08:49 AM
Very nice post.

03-15-2006 , 03:01 AM
Thanks, big help.
03-15-2006 , 03:52 AM
bump for favorites
11-25-2006 , 04:34 PM
Sorry for reviving and old thread but why is the right play to CC in sb with a monster hand?
02-20-2007 , 01:56 AM
Sorry for reviving and old thread but why is the right play to CC in sb with a monster hand?
as a slowplay.
08-08-2007 , 01:14 PM
<40BB's make TPTK, megadraws (like AKs on a twoflush board) and overpairs; 40<x<100 go for two pair, sets and straights; after that go for anything he can't see.
I thought that was really interesting. You have to use stack sizes to think about the hand that your trying to flop postflop. Brilliant.
08-21-2007 , 10:17 AM
Good post, thank you!
09-11-2007 , 02:56 PM
11-28-2007 , 12:27 PM
This post is incredible. Now in my favorites. Thank you so much.