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Old 03-27-2009, 07:19 PM   #151
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Re: How to use Poker Tracker.

Originally Posted by Gdez View Post
I was wondering if anyone has a similar guide to this for Poker Tracker 3?
yah get to work pokey!!!
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Brian O'Nolan
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Re: How to use Poker Tracker.

Originally Posted by Gdez View Post
I was wondering if anyone has a similar guide to this for HEM?
your an idiot if your still using PT
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Re: How to use Poker Tracker.

ty this is priceless.
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Re: How to use Poker Tracker.

For what its worth I was playing when LiisaShow won the jackpot. I checked them out in the search and they were playing around 10 tables at the time. It seems unlikely that if they were pocketing the jackpot they wouldn't go to all the trouble of having them play all those tables at once.
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Re: How to use Poker Tracker.


I'm new to Poker Tracker and I'm starting to try and see if I can use it to identify holes in my game.

One of the things I want to look at is my blind defence - I am pretty sure I'm not defending as much as I should be. From the original post:

4. Defending the blinds. Click on "Turn Filter Off," and then click on "Filters..." again. Under "Blind Status" click on "Either Blind." Now under "Vol. Put $ In Pot" click on "Put Money In." This shows you if you're bleeding money out of the blinds. A "BB/Hand" of about -0.375 would indicate that you were no better off putting money into the pot than if you had folded. If your "BB/Hand" is larger than that, then you typically win back some of your blind money when you put money into the pot from the blinds. That's all you can really hope for. If you click on "Filters..." again and go under "Steal Attempted Against Your Blind" and click on "Steal Attempted." After you click "OK" you'll now see how you did when you chose to defend against a blind steal. Again, the magic number is for your "BB/Hand" to be bigger than -0.375; that means you're making back some of your blinds when you try to defend against a steal. If either of these numbers is lower than -0.375, you'd lose less money by always folding rather than doing what you're doing.
Could someone who understands this and also how to use PT3 please translate the instructions on what to filter for me? I have tried doing it myself and got a set of figures from the filter but I'm not at all confident that I have done it right.

Also, there seems to be an accepted blind steal percentage figure of around 32-38%. What percentage of hands should you defend against a steal with in a typical micro-stakes game?
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Re: How to use Poker Tracker.

hehe pokey always had epic posts, I used to print this post and take it with me to read at random places
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