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How to use Poker Tracker. How to use Poker Tracker.

10-21-2006 , 10:48 PM
Stickied, Printed and saved

10-21-2006 , 11:55 PM
Wow, i had missed this one. I've said it before, I'll say it again, Pokey you're sick.
11-04-2006 , 10:12 PM

Would this be relevant to analyse my PokerTracker NL tournament statistics? I've had a quick look through and found some good and bad parts to my game, but I'm wondering if tournaments require different values?

11-06-2006 , 10:32 PM
I'm new to NL, but I'm adding this post to my favorites. I know it will come in handy later. I'm digging (I hate the search function!) for PT auto-rate guidelines. I have some good ones for Limit, but am still looking for good NL guidelines.

Edit: Never mind! Right there in the sticky!
11-06-2006 , 10:39 PM
is there a way in 2+2 to mark your favorite posts to a list and jsut go to that list later on?
11-06-2006 , 11:07 PM
how does one find their hourly using PT?
11-06-2006 , 11:08 PM
and their table ratio?
11-28-2006 , 12:01 AM
Im bumping this cuz its a great thread and to find ur hourly rate go to the session notes tab right under the session notes tab is says session summary. Go down from there and there should be another session summary to the right of that u will see show true hourly win rate and check that box.
12-29-2006 , 04:34 PM
2 + 2 = 1 step ahead
01-07-2007 , 01:29 AM
I'm trying to find out how I can analyze my blind vs blind play. I cannot find a way to filter the hands where its folded to the SB.
01-10-2007 , 11:26 AM
thanks for this.. great post!
01-20-2007 , 02:29 AM
are you positionally aware?
I've been playing more and, as a result, using pt a whole lot more. There is more to add to this topic.

I started reflecting on this after tannenj's Pooh-bah post on playing junk in late position.

Many of us already know the importance of stealing blinds. Gordon had a few good tid-bits in LGB. Pokey wrote a pooh-bah post on first-in blind stealing. dbitel took it one step further in his pooh-bah and discussed stealing from limpers as well as the blinds. Instructions for checking blind stealing stats are in the OP.

However, one thing not in the check-ups is how we do when facing raises while in late position. Luckily, pt helps us here as well and is of value.

under general info, goto filters
set the # off the button at less than or equal to 1. (captures cutoff and button)
Than, under Voluntary put in pot, select cold-called.

This number should definitely be positive, otherwise you are not taking advantage of position to outplay opponents post flop. If it's not positive, you'd be better off folding in such situations.

I'm not sure how positive. Mine is +0.73BB/hand over my last 40k hands at fullring , but I actually think that's pretty low .

Now, you can choose to look through at all your hands from there, or go back through filters and select specific categories of hole cards (pairs, suited connectors, off-suited connectors, suited, off-suit).

Obviously, pairs should be really high. Mine was +2.24BB/hand even with set over set against a few times. What I found truly remarkable is that I was slightly negative with off-suit connectors, despite thinking I was only playing them in key spots. It's obviously a leak for me and something I should improve. But, once again, it reinforces how important suitedness is in real poker. It's much more important than 'hot' and 'cold' simulations would have one think.

that's all for now

I'm curious as to what other posters have as their numbers as well as any other thoughts they have on the subject.

Also, is there a way to filter for 3-betting from late position?
01-20-2007 , 02:44 AM
addendum to How's My Stealing?

Pokey's OP did a good job of explaining pure steals. I classify a pure steal as the table folds around to you in late position and you raise first into the pot hoping to take the blinds, or mutilate them postflop with position.

dbitel took it a step further in his poohbah post and discussed not only raising to take the blinds, but raising loose EP limpers to take their limp as well. These situations can be quite profitable.
PT can be used to check for this as well
Hopefully, you already used Pokey's check to see that your doing a fantastic job on stealing blinds. This number is a benchmark necessary for the next part.
To check on how well you are executing dbitel's advice, goto filters under general info.
-Make sure everything is in the default position.
-switch 'position off the button' to less than or equal to 1.
-put 'preflop raise' to any raise.
-click ok

You should now see a number that reflects both your traditional steals (Pokey method) and limpers plus blinds steal (dbitel extension). Since you (hopefully) already marked how well you did under traditional steals, you can add in how your additional steals are going. This number should be very postive. For me, it's over +1BB/hand.

But, some of you are thinking, of course it's positive. I'm raising my good hands typically and the limpers don't have anything. Well, I suggest you look at how well you do with your not-so-good hands. Under filters, you can select specific hands. Perhaps, you feel like not counting the top10% of hands. Well, go through and check the other 90%. This will give you an idea if you are using position and stealing to turn regular old hands into money-making machines.
01-20-2007 , 03:58 AM
one more thing that has been on my mind of late
dealing with other regulars

I just had a small post on this topic over in the new FRNLlol forum.

Like it or not, there are other semi-decent opponents who play the same games as we do. Unfortunately, putting our head in the sand and completely staying out of their way is not an option. Fortunately, many good alternatives do exist through the wonderful, magical world of pokertracker.

If you don't have a good idea as to how another regular approaches the game, look up his name in pt. Go through and look at the hands he plays. Approach and evaluate his game the same way you would yours (to a much more basic extent-- after all, time is limited). Pick out the common lines the regular plays. Think through what you can do to take advantage of your new found knowledge. There is no reason to have 2k+ hands on another player and not know if he plays his draws aggressively, how often he floats, what his 3-betting range is, how does he handle suited connectors, how does he handle mid pairs, does he felt with TPTK, etc. These people are your co-workers in a competitive environment. Can you imagine Drew Brees not knowing what formations and blitz packages the Bears will be bringing in the NFC title game, or where the strongpoints and weak links are? It seems just as ridiculous to me that we know so little about the other regulars that we face 3 or 4 times per week.

The bonus is that we also can learn about and, even, adapt other viewpoints and philosophies into our own game.

So, please, please, please, go beyond the numbers that flash up on the HUD. Use PT and learn about your enemy.
01-20-2007 , 06:02 AM
wow - MTT2R - thanks for doing these extra posts
01-20-2007 , 09:39 AM
mt2r -- really good posts
01-20-2007 , 10:54 AM
It would probably be worth it to edit the link to this page into your original post, for the future poohbah post readers :P
01-21-2007 , 06:29 AM
dog, i can't edit the OP, i believe that's only an option for a few hours after you make a post.

if you think it's worth noting in that thread, please reply to the thread -- i've bumped it several times already, and feel it would be unfair to keep bringing my own thread to the top.

speaking of bumping, it looks like i've just bumped this post. that's a good thing, though, because mt2r's posts are really good additions to this thread and i think it would be good if more of ssnl read them.
03-08-2007 , 12:53 AM
Thank you. This is a fantastic thread I never came across before.

I have a question - any suggestions on what these numbers should be in Omaha H/L?
03-08-2007 , 01:36 AM
Awesome thread Pokey, I'm glad it was bumped.

As a new NL player, and convert from limit, I find myself calling down too much at times... This is reflected in my winrate so far. The one thing I can't understand though is why my W$SD is so low when my WTSD is pretty low... Any way I can use PT to understand this?


03-14-2007 , 04:32 AM

I just got PokerTracker about a week ago, so I'm still learning it. One thing I cant figure this out. Today my Preflop Aggression Factor showed up as " --- " isntead of a number. It has always been a number before. Does " --- " mean something or did I accidently turn it off or something? Thanks
03-30-2007 , 01:09 PM
great post, using this right after i get out of work.
03-30-2007 , 01:19 PM

I just got PokerTracker about a week ago, so I'm still learning it. One thing I cant figure this out. Today my Preflop Aggression Factor showed up as " --- " isntead of a number. It has always been a number before. Does " --- " mean something or did I accidently turn it off or something? Thanks
Yes, you turned it off. In the general tab, click "More Detail.." and then check the checkbox at the top.
04-02-2007 , 04:34 AM
Very useful post.. Thank you..
04-02-2007 , 05:09 AM
Thanks for the bump.