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Ask me anything about beating NLHE games on Merge or poker in general Ask me anything about beating NLHE games on Merge or poker in general

08-09-2011 , 08:44 PM
Originally Posted by runway model

Interesting thread many thanks for doing this.

It seems quite a modern poker style to find all those spots and situations where villain isnt willing to play for stacks and 3 barrel relentlessly. This is obviously a winning plan.

I wonder... how willing are you to introduce unorthodox and unusual lines just to get into more of those "weird situations" where you can fire for instance a final river bet or overbet that you know villain won't call.

It seems to me that ABC aggro poker, although good and profitable, is easier to play against than unorthodox overbetting/ underbetting strategies.

I'd say it depends on how good you are at each style. Both can be very difficult to play against. Any style that constantly puts opponents into tough spots is going to be a good one.

However, one thing to note is that trying too hard in general just to be tough to play against can be a pretty costly mistake. I did this for so long, I ended up playing strictly 2/4 for like 3+ years because I always thought "the best players must be the toughest ones to play against so I want to be like that." But the thing is, I ended up making so many mistakes that they sort of counter acted each other and it just led to super high variance for me and really never being good enough to move up. I have to credit Adam001 and d_zoo for teaching me that, since almost as soon as I stopped overdoing that stuff I moved up.
08-10-2011 , 02:41 AM
Marshall, nice thread.

How long is a typical session for you? I find it hard to play more than 2 hours at once.

If Merge gets shutdown will you leave the country to play online? Do you play live at all and would you consider playing live full time? What's the biggest live game you feel you would be +ev in?

When you are in a really bad stretch, like you mentioned a 300k hand be stretch, or a 30 buy in downswing, what is the best way to handle tilt, maintain your A game and keep your sanity?

If you weren't playing poker what would you do in life?
08-10-2011 , 04:39 AM
Just as an fyi, in all my experiences with Marshall, starting years back when we both posted on Flopturnriver (Which he co-incidentally got shunned from after alienating most everyone there) he's been nothing but an extremely strange, bi-polar douche to deal with. I'm not sure if you're autistic or some thing but seriously, you should look into it.

Just plain lol at this,

'As a matter of fact, the more I end up contributing to it the better I feel about doing it for some reason I can't understand'.

My heart bleeds rainbow's

Also ladies and gent's, only one reason marshall is giving up his free time to post in this 'well' and that's for self-promotion. And if Marshall is now labelling himself as one of the top merge reg's then sheeeet, I better get depositing.
08-10-2011 , 07:03 PM
This apparently will be the last post of this thread. The reason it is being closed has not been disclosed to me though I assume it has to do with some altercations I've had with the moderators.

However, I do want to thank them for re-opening the thread in order to give me an opportunity to respond to ATOTHEC's slanderous statements.

Since he wrote that post, I have gone back to the forums and created a thread there stating his accusations with the intention of giving them an opportunity to voice their opinions on his views. I've certainly made mistakes, and I've said plenty of things in the past that I have regretted but all I can really do is learn from my mistakes and continually try to improve.

That thread on FTR has received 106 views and posts from 6 different users on that forum. Not one person has had anything negative to say about me each one seemed glad to see a post from me.

It appears ATOTHEC clearly has some personal vendetta against me and I can't come up with any other reason for his motivation to make these statements other than flat out jealousy.

I have played many hands against him HU 3/6 on FTP and always thought he was a fairly strong player, though obviously there is a reason I did continue to play him as much as I did.

I really don't see any reason why my personal motivation (which I have obviously admitted to several times as being a selfish one) for giving advice to others should be viewed in a negative light because the fact of the matter is, a lot of people have read this thread and many have iterated their appreciation for my contrubtions. It's not like my (selfish) intentions have a negative impact on anyone whatsoever.

ATOTHEC, it's your right to have the opinion that I am a douche, or even that you think I may be bi-polar or autistic, but when you feel the need to bring this up publicly for no apparent reason, I'd suggest it is you with the problem and not myself.

Thanks to everybody who helped contribute and I hope that your game has improved due to our interactions here. I will continue to post sparingly in some strategy threads, so it's not like I'm going to disappear, but this thread apparently has run it's course.

Peace, GL.
08-10-2011 , 09:12 PM
linking to that FTR post for completeness:

thanks marshall for your very generous sharing of information...i know a lot of people have enjoyed this thread