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Small Stakes PL Omaha Discussion of 1/2 and below pot-limit Omaha poker

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Omaha Statistics

Hi, i am new in Omaha. I play online at small stakes, 6max, Omaha PL $0,01/0,02.

My statistics so far is:
Hands: 45823
Action - Fold: 25,23%
Action - Call: 21,13%
Action - Check: 27,48%
Action - Bet: 13,31%
Action - Raise: 12,85%
Action - Reraise: 0,39%
Where to Fold? - Before Flop: 40,41%
Where to Fold? - Flop: 10,31%
Where to Fold? - Turn: 6,33%
Where to Fold? - River: 4,63%
Where to Fold? - Never: 38,32%
Hands i won: 27,57%
Showdown i won: 10,10%
Flop i have seen: 54,74%
percentage of flop i have seen witch win: 41,48%.
Total winnings: -35$

My question: Is my statistics good? what i have to do to play better?
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Re: Omaha Statistics

Your statistics shows you lost 18 buy ins so not good man.

where did you get this stats?Do you have vpip,pfr and 3bet%?
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Re: Omaha Statistics

Showdown i won: 10,10%

This is really bad.
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Re: Omaha Statistics

I can tell you now with certainty that there are a couple of points worth mentioning based on your stats but that is nowhere near as useful as actually studying your play hand by hand because that's where all your mistakes are and why some of your stats reflect that
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Re: Omaha Statistics

You probably also call too much, bet/raise too little. For example, are you familiar with the values of wrap straight draws and how they stack up to made hands? If you started in NLT, you most likely slow-play way too much as well, flopping a set in NLT more often than not means that the money will go in at some point in the hand, but in PLO a set is not as valuable on later streets (depending on board texture, action etc of course).

Especially at lower levels you want to get as much money in when ahead as possible, so you should be raising/betting your good draws and made hands hard.

Also, when starting out, play hands that have the potential to make the nuts and/or flop huge draws. Make sure the cards in your hand connect well, do not play stuff lite KT62r.

And remember to have fun, especially when the stakes are so low
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