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Small Stakes PL Omaha Discussion of 1/2 and below pot-limit Omaha poker

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Help with Paired Board Decision on Flop

First time posting so please forgive me if I ramble a bit.

Fairly new to PLO and my hand reading is not great (is anyone’s?) outside of NLHE.

Was playing live 1/3 with 5 bring in (300 max buy in) for about 30 minutes and was up about $250 from calling off a raise all in on the turn. I had middle set on the flop with an inside straight draw and V had a King high flush draw (second board card on turn) and was trying to bluff me off. I mention this to give a little bit of a flavor for the game and how it has been playing.

A little while later, everyone else wants to switch the table to 5/5 (1000 max buy in). I say nothing and figure I will see how it goes. Everyone else tops up to $1K but I stay put. I consider leaving (might have been the +EV move) but I am comfortable with the variance for the amount in front of me. After a few orbits I am down to ~475 (everyone is playing button straddles for typically 15) only getting into one flop that I got no piece of. Another note: because of local laws, the max raise in any game is $300 above the prior bet. Ok, OTTH:

8 handed
15 button straddle
Hero in SB with AAT2 double suited (spades and diamonds) and raises to 45 (I considered limping and trying to raise later to get it in pre but figured I might get raised anyway)
MP and HJ call (neither of them is V from prior hand above before structure changed)
Pot is 155 I believe

Flop comes 663 with two spades
I lead for $110, happy to take it down here
MP folds
HJ raises to $410 (nearly all in for me)
I deliberate and think that there are good enough pot odds to get it in (>30%) even if he has a 6. If there are any bluffs/draws, my equity is significantly higher.

Turns out HJ had AQJ6 with one suit and I had ~31% odds. I figure this is close to worst case scenario. Turn is a Q and we are drawing to one A which does not hit.

Would appreciate the feedback. Was this the right play here? Should I have checked on a paired flop like this?
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Old 02-14-2019, 01:55 AM   #2
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Re: Help with Paired Board Decision on Flop

Check or bet 30ish on flop. You don't have much to protect against and want calls from weaker range than trips+
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Re: Help with Paired Board Decision on Flop

That was my first thought when I reviewed the hand later. If he bets pot after I check or bet 1/5th pot I am looking at either $150 into $150 or $240 into $180 ($210 to call). I would be getting 2:1 in either situation and I guess I would have to call and somehow navigate the later streets.

Perhaps the better question is more philosophical: What should we do in general with an overpair and nut flush draw on a paired flop? Maybe the answer at this stack depth is to always check. We are going to want to continue (always, right?) but want to control the pot size.

Another question: Does playing deeper help here?
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Re: Help with Paired Board Decision on Flop

In games like these, I assume raising EP is out of the norm. 3betting is reserved for AA only. And your SB raise, unless you are a known lagtard, screams AA. So everyone can just play you with your hand half face up here.

This is assuming my read on the game is correct I may even know the room (the dragon?).

Anyways back to the actual hand. Bet GII is fine. I like a check raise as well. If everyone that called is competent. You can also just get to showdown super cheap in these games. People play absolutely fit or fold.

You are calling that K-high hand a bluff?, when the person betting probably thought it was a value bet.

If this is the same room, discard my opinion I am literally losing 30bb/100 in the 1/3 there over 300 hours
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Re: Help with Paired Board Decision on Flop

Pre flop I would limp and hope to re raise someone else....this situation in games like these is very common, better to see a flop for cheap, try to flop a nutted situation and underrep your hand or ideally get a raise after you in order to 3 bet and get as much of your stack in pre as possible. Raising and getting multiple callers is a pretty crappy situation but a very common one. As played, check call flop.
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