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Small Stakes PL Omaha Discussion of 1/2 and below pot-limit Omaha poker

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BB preflop call or fold

.10/.25 6 handed, no reads on players, hero $25 all others cover or about the same

Hero - BB - 9986

HJ makes it 0.85, CO calls, BTN raise to $3.75.

SB folds... hero?

Trying to get better at preflop vpip decisions. I feel like this is playable OOP to a single raise but the 3bet should have us folding??

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Re: BB preflop call or fold

In a vacuum, folding is not too bad.

I would fold. It's low risk and only costs 25p.

I understand why you want to call, it's double suited and connected. Let's look at that.

If you call, best case scenario is you call and the HJ calls and you are oop in a 3bet pot with already 45 bb in the middle with a low paired onegapper. That does not sound like fun!

In a multiway 3bet pot, I wouldn't count on 9 high suits being live, almost definitely not both.

That should cover the "buts it's double suited" smitten-ness you seem to have.

Now let's look at connectedness:

It's a one gapper and only a 3 card hand. Meaning you need two out of the three cards on the flop to be 7 and T (not to the nuts, that can be painful) or 7 and 5.

Everything else just gives you an oesd or less.

And again, best case scenario, we flop our wrap by spiking a 7 and one of T or 5 .... and we kill one of our own outs by having the 9 paired! Hate when that happens!

So really, the connectedness is not all that good either!

What is left? Well the pair obviously! Nines. It's really good if you make top set, but that is only on 9 high boards, there aren't that many in the big scheme of things, and then it's much harder to get paid because your opposition like just sits on a naked over pair.

If you make middle or even bottom set, you are committed to stacking off due to SPR and usually, in the best of cases are getting it in 60-40 against a wrap. and sometimes against a higher set being dead in the water.

So yes, there are the times when you flop 973 and get it in vs 654A and you are over the moon and the 6 on the turn kills him dead and you river quads.

But, sorry to wake you up, that isn't happening all that often.
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Re: BB preflop call or fold

Fold. It's pretty but these low suits do ****ty in what will likely be a 4-way pot if you enter. It's nice that the spr will be tiny but when you get action, you're going to be dominated a fair bit. Also, the pfr or flatter can still 4-bet.
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