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KJT92ds KJT92ds

05-17-2023 , 11:04 PM
Hi all,

Fish opens utg and we iso next to act to $70 with KJT92cccss k-high clubs and j-high spades, good reg cold calls utg2 and fish calls. A little loose but I wanted to iso the fish in position and I’m fine calling a 4!.

Three ways $500 eff. with fish and $1k eff. with reg.

Flop ($225): 378ccd. We flop nut wrap and k-high flush draw. Spr is around two against the fish and 4.75 against the reg. We bet $80. Reg raises to $300 (less than pot) and fish folds. Worried about nut flush draw obviously but we have three clubs as blockers so that’s somewhat less likely and improves our equity a little. He could have a set or two pair plus as well which we’re in great shape against.

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05-18-2023 , 12:22 AM
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05-18-2023 , 12:25 AM
Pre is spew.

As played, stacking off, too shallow to bet/fold.
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05-18-2023 , 10:26 AM
Agree with monikrazy. Pre is bad, just gii now or fold and kick yourself for raising pre and betting flop.
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05-19-2023 , 04:56 AM
Call pre. Maybe fold given positions. You say getting 4b is fine but it’s a bad result and the field is behind you and you don’t have an ace.

I’d start flop with a check call.
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05-24-2023 , 06:44 PM
Not a huge fan of the preflop raise either in early position. I understand wanting to isolate the 'fish', but too many left to act behind so it is best to just flat here pre. I also prefer check/call on flop. As played I see merits for GII or flatting to make sure turn doesn't pair the board before committing the rest of your stack. Folding is not an option at this point.
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05-25-2023 , 09:03 AM
3b acceptable vs a drooler if stacks deep enough which i dont think they are.

Flop really doesnt matter imo. All options are valid and everything will be +ev. Not folding now. Again, think both getting it in or calling are both +ev. Im guessing that calling is higher but not 100% sure
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05-25-2023 , 07:09 PM
i like checking this board, if reg calls or raises we are in a tough spot on bunch of turn cards
I believe the reg will stab quite wide when checked to because our range should not be strong and as played we will fold very often in this spot, so we can either x/shove or go with a x/call and give him a chance to bluff us on turns that we hit and he would think are bad for our range like a 6,T,J...
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