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Double board bomb pot Double board bomb pot

06-22-2022 , 03:20 PM
Hi all,

I played my first double-board bomb pot last night in a 5/t/q game, we all agreed to one per dealer change to pay the time.
Hero has QT83. $1,600 eff.

Flop 1 ($175): 67Kr.

Flop 2: J96r. We have wrap on bottom and nut gutter on the top. There is a late position bet of $100, we call SB, and BB c/r to $400, LP calls, we call. Does anyone fold flop? Between both nut draws on each board we probably have enough equity, even discounting some outs with the K and 7 on top blocking out wrap on bottom. I'd estimate we have 16% on top and 40% on bottom, does that mean we have around 56% total? Or is it divided by half since we are drawing to half the pot on both, so really 28%?

Turn: ($1375): Q on top, 3c on bottom bringing bdfd we don't have. BB pots, LP all in, hero folds.

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06-22-2022 , 08:33 PM
Fold flop to xr. Not sure we should even call initial bet with poor position and boards blocking other board outs, 3 cards to a gutshot on kx board is quite weak. Backdoor flushes could matter here.
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06-23-2022 , 07:03 AM
I was playing 5-T plo the other day and instead of playing a time pot they were doing single board bomb pots.

I am far from a nit…

But I just paid the $8 in time instead and sat out the bomb pot.

It was $25 per person… so instead of paying $8 somehow it’s better if everyone pays $25 and then has to outflop and outplay everyone and if you win the pot you have to pay the table time.

Which honestly is good for my image bc then I look like a nit and maybe I can get some bluffs through bc of it.

I honestly think it messes up the flow of the game and it’s better to sit back let everyone go to war and then pick people off afterwards. It’s too high variance and ruins the game imo.

Dumbo as far as your hand this is precisely why I refuse to play them. You probably do have the equity to play your hand, but is this really the spot you’re looking for?

You have 3 outs to the nuts on one board and a mediocre wrap on the other board (you’d rather have KQT).

I’m fine with a fold but that too could be a mistake bc you do have a ton of equity on one board and could make the nuts on both boards. So the mistake in these pots could be over folding.
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06-23-2022 , 12:50 PM
I prefer raising over calling but think folding is best.
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06-23-2022 , 04:24 PM
Fold flop. Do not put a single chip in the pot with that hand on those flops.
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06-24-2022 , 12:49 AM
You have to play quite a bit tighter OOP in this game than raw equity would suggest.
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