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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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****STTF Tools - Software, Videos, & Link Collection****

The below list of STT "essentials" was first created by Karpanen - thanks!

~ Please post software questions/reviews HERE ~

Network Threads:
[*] Official Pokerstars STT Suggestion Thread
[*] Official Party Poker SNG Thread
[*] Official IPoker SNG Thread
[*] Official Ongame SNG Thread
[*] Official Merge SNG Thread

Information/Strategy threads:
These threads are posted here to provide resources for both new and old SNG players, please do not post in them in if you're going to make them harder to read or derail them.
[*] Official Fifty50 Strategy Thread
[*] Official Steps Strategy Thread
[*] Official DoN strategy thread (Closed)
[*] Overview of STT Strategy
[*] Discussion of HUD use in SNGs

User Strategy Threads:
These threads were created by our awesome posters and are many of the best threads you can find on SNGs.
[*] CastleBravo79's "New posters guide to the (hopefully) successful use of STTF"
[*] AMT's "OMG Random Strat Post" (Lots of good stuff)
[*] Pudge714 on Hand Reading
[*] Pudge714's "Long Strat Post about Variance"
[*] Pudge714's "Manipulating Pot Size in Mid-Game"
[*] Hood's "How To Learn Good Them SNGs"
[*] Hood's "Using Stox EV to model Slim's AQo bet/fold line"
[*] spamz0r's "Finishing an opponent heads-up"
[*] Admiral's "Guide to SNGs"
[*] Glitlr's "Is an Edge Really an Edge?"
[*] Overall Strategy Areas by Drzen
[*] IFoldPktOnes' "Tilt Control" (ICM & more)
[*] IFoldPktOnes' "ICM-101" (Calling Shoves)
[*] Jurrasstoil's "Game Selection in SNGs"
[*] Jurrasstoil's "The Limp/Stab"
[*] CastleBravo79's "Rethinking the end game with Future Game Modeling"
[*] Slim Picken's "Open-shoving 15 BBs from the SB for fun and profit" (one of the best)
[*] Slim Picken's "7.5k post: raise/folding AQo for fun and profit" (Awesome)
[*] CJSaunders' "Game selection and how much regs hurt your ROI"
[*] Pifhluk's "A Post On Variance 12k $27s ROI & ITM Breakdown"
[*] Gobao's "Playing LP early" with insight from Kamel
[*] Nicktheone's "Hands with sd value, turning them into a bluff"
[*] Cry Me A River on "Drift"

Other External Links:
There are some very useful websites and pieces of software, and some that have debatable value. Two Plus Two Publishing LLC is not affiliated with any of these sites, or other pages not hosted at, nor does it endorse them. Here's a few:

ICM and Postflop software:
[*] ICMizer Software that allows the user to run EV calculations, but also has many advances options such as calculating resteal and calling resteal calculations.
[*] SnG Solver Equity calculator and preflop strategy analyzer for STTs and MTTs; has advanced options such as PSM (predictive simulation) built into it.
[*] HoldemResources Calculator Learning and analysis tool for NLHE tournaments; has many advances options such as 3bet and fold to 3bet calculations.
[*] CardRunners EV - Can calculate the EV of exotic post-flop situations.
CREV 2p2 Support Thread
Matching tutorial by Hood
[*] Flopzilla Another range calculating tool for postflop situations
Flopzilla 2p2 Support Thread
[*] Combonator Another range calculating tool for postflop situations; fast, lightweight program with no calculate buttons and no waiting
Combonator 2p2 Support Thread
[*] SitNGo Wizard Another ICM tool with tournie import, bubble quiz and more...
[*] SNGWiz Paster AHK for copying stack sizes from the forum to SNGWiz for use
[*] ICM Explorer Valuable tool to use during the late stages of STTs
[*] SNGPT Software that allows the user to run an EV calculation that takes into account the ICM, folding equity, and more.
[*] Pokerstove Helps you run simulations and EV calculations. (Mirror download location HERE)
[*] ICM calculator Calculations by hand. Freeware. Poster New York Jet has offered an alternative HERE that you can download.
[*] IPhone & ITouch HU Poker Trainer v2.0: Quizzes you on Nash Equilibrium shoving and calling ranges. Now has NE charts, history of your quizzes, and other features - Created by gulon

Tracking tools:
[*] Hold Em Manager Reports and analyzes tournament stats as well as ring stats.
[*] Poker Tracker Poker evaluating software. Tracks your play by position, staring hands, results, etc.
[*] PokerOffice Another hold'em evaluating software. Has a built in table overlay.

Multitabling software:
[*] Table Ninja: Software for many types of hotkeys and table automation features
[*] StackAndTile: Software with many functions that allows for easy stack and tiling, along with stacking and tiling playing on multiple sites at once SaT 2p2 Support Thread
[*] PS Card and table mods Modify your tables and cards. Makes multitabling easier. Freeware.
Search link to find mods for other networks
[*] FT Shortcuts
[*] Stars Filtered SNG Opener - Created by Everlong
[*] Stars Debustifer: Closes ended tournaments - Created by Entropic
[*] AHK for checking to see if registered tournaments have opened(Pokerstars problem) - Created by Hood

Other Software:
[*] SNG Luck Analyzer: Determines your all-in luck in SNGs - Created by Juk
[*] Popopop Universal Replayer is a downloadable hand history replayer that works with most major poker sites.

Web sites for STTs:
[*] Sharkscope - The largest tournament result database. Know your enemies. Review your site's TOS before use.
[*] - is a web based utility to evaluate hand match-up equities in various poker games.

~ Please post instructional site questions/reviews HERE ~

STTF BBV Thread:

Book Threads:
Moshman SNG Book Review & Theory Discussion Thread - Also contains link to the great original review thread.

STT Videos:
Official STT Video Thread

Digest Threads:
Longy's Digest: February 2009
ReXWoo's Digest: February 2008

STTF Regs Thread:
Interview with Citanul
Interview with Daliman
Interview with Newt Buggs
Interview with Apathy

Study group threads:
Official Study Buddy Thread

STTF Werewolf Game History:
STTF Werewolf I
STTF Werewolf II
STTF Werewolf III
STTF Werewolf IV
STTF Werewolf V
STTF Werewolf VI: Find the Superusers
STTF Werewolf VII
STTF Werewolf VIII

All events are open to all posters of Two Plus Two but is not an official function of Two Plus Two and thus is not sponsored by Two Plus Two Publishing LLC.

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