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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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Sharkscope Leaderboard Question

I looked at the sharkscope leaderboards and took a look at 888poker and partypoker. For last year, the top player on partypoker made 20k. The 10th best player in terms of profit made about 8k. The 20th best player made 10k prerakeback.

On 888poker, the top player made close to 50k. The 10th best player made about 16k. The 20th best player only made 4k.

888Poker basically does not offer any rakeback. Partypoker does offer rakeback.

I'm curious but are there players that are even making much anymore when you factor in rakeback? Since 888poker doesn't offer any rakeback pretty much... well whatever profit that is shown on sharkscope is what they made. I also noticed on 888poker there really isn't that many sngs even going on as well. On partypoker, there is definitely more sngs running compared to 888. But even when you factor in rakeback, im assuming many of the top players in sngs on partypoker probably isn't even making much? I can't imagine a guy that made 8k in profit on partypoker playing sngs even made more than say 5k max via rakeback right?

What I do know is on pokerstars, there are lot of rakeback pros since ROIs are really low there. I read this about players who play hypers and also turbo sngs. So basically for a majority of the players, their profit comes from those starcoins etc. And they could get a lot of volume. I heard a lot about regulars leaving stars and going on partypoker and 888. But if they are an sng player, i assume they can't really do this right? When you look at the leaderboard and look at how much total profit that is made, it just looks really disappointing compared to back then.
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