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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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Push & call range

Good evening to all,
analyzing a considerable number of sit & go hands 1 - 2 - 5 $ I noticed that:

The calling range by oppo for shove from 8BB up to 25 BB reaches up to 10% (66+ - A8s + - A10o + - KJs +), often even less considering only reasonable oppos. With no sense oppo, however, you get 10% - 12%.

The calling range from BB vs SB instead reaches up to 24% (55+ - A2s + - A5o + - K7s + - K9o + - Q10 +), while the no sense oppo call up to 35% and above.

An oppo in push / fold zone can push up to 30% of the range, (55+, A2s +, K5s +, Q7s +, J8s +, 108s +, 98s, A5o +, K9o +, Q9o +, J9o +, 109o) even if the average is 20%

From oppo SB in push / fold zone also push up to 40%, and the average is 25%

If an oppo short 3bet all in with less than 15 BB I can always give it a push range of around 10-18% (66+, A3s +, K7s +, Q9s +, J9s +, 109s, A8o +, K10o +, Q10o +, J10o)

Have you also done this kind of analysis? What do you notice compared to my numbers? Do you agree?

Thank you
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Re: Push & call range

i have no idea what are you talking about. All push/fold charts depend on position + quantity of people on the table+table stats. Where is no static ranges like "ok... i have 15 bb and 66, i will 3bet all-in".

If you talk about "classic" ranges so -

If we on BB and SB is 8 BB or lower - his push must be any 2 cards. We can call him wider.

rejam (or shove after raise/3bet all-in) at 15 BB and lower is like 88-AQo. May be 77-AJo if first raiser was fish this 70/50 stats.

at 25 BB i will never open shove. I will go all-in after reraise only this AA-KK-QQ. May be AKs if opp is fish. May be i will fold QQ if 2 in all-in after my raise. This hands like AJ AQ TT JJ i will call and play postflop.
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