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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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Old 03-19-2020, 09:59 AM   #2476
Ronny Mahoni
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Re: ****Official Beginner/Basic Question Thread****

Hey newbie.

First of Spin& Go, yes its because of the amateurs.

1. There are a bunch of ways to go about that. One would be to split your poker time, one half you use playing, the other you use analysing and studying. It is really hard to get better in this game just by playing, especially when you play a lot of tables. However, every table you add, no matter your skill, subtracts from your winrate this will quite go away. You simply cannot pay the same level of attention to say 8 tables than to 2.

2. Not sure what H2N is, but my routine had been to simply mark any hand I felt in the slightest unsure about and then review them all. Coaching/Study partners can help a lot, let them look at whole tournament HHs they will find leaks you wont.

3. Try color-coding after tendencies. I used something like: Nit, TAG, LAG, Loose-passive, Adaptive Reg, Unadaptive Reg...
Also, if you use a HUD, see 4.

4. Setting up a HUD is a science of its own, so here is a short version:
Steal stat or Raise First In on BTN/CO/SB are awesome stats, because they tell you how positional aware a player is.
Agression Factor and Agression Frequency help a lot as they give you a good idea about postflop agression.
There are a lot of usefull stats, but if you use too many it becomes excessive and youll end up not using a lot of the data in the end. So, try figuering out which ones you need to get the informations you want.

As far as notes are concerned, try to only take notes that you dont see in your HUD stats. For example, the note "Tripple Barrel Bluffer" isnt worth much when you have a player with high post-flop aggression, as that is what you already expect him to be due to his stats. On the other hand "never bluffs river" would be an amazing note for an otherwise highly aggressive player.

5. Im guessing you use the Nash function. Thats a good baseline, but you will have to adjust ranges on your own to see how the "missplay" of your opposition is optimaly exploited by you.
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Old 03-20-2020, 04:14 AM   #2477
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Re: ****Official Beginner/Basic Question Thread****

Great thanks to your reply, really inspiring.
I am working on my HUD now.

H2N = Hand 2 Note, a HUD software, free up to NL25$
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Old 05-05-2020, 12:30 PM   #2478
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Re: ****Official Beginner/Basic Question Thread****

I have learned the push/fold ranges for the Stars 9max Turbo STTs.

According to ICMIZER, I'm doing okay for a beginner (top 7% in both push and call spots).

I'm wondering how I can transfer my knowledge to regular-speed STTs. My intuition would be I should be pushing a bit less and calling a bit tighter.

But can one say a little bit more than that?
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Old 05-11-2020, 08:21 AM   #2479
Ronny Mahoni
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Rizzle Kicking
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Re: ****Official Beginner/Basic Question Thread****

Technically there is no difference, same spot, same equillibrium. However I would imagine people call tighter in regular-speed, so you can argue for shoving wider. On the other hand, if you keep pushing "lightly" for a while, people will start calling wider, then you need to tighten up.

You can argue for calling tighter, but that is only true if people shove tighter. Which might be true on average for regular speed.

Youll just need to play a bunch and see how the population in regulars reacts to it. Unfortunately I dont have much experience with regulars and it is far from recent.
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