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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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New Here HM2/SNGWiz Questions


Bit of background if you want it in the spoiler


I have a couple of HM2/SNGWiz questions, apologies if they are really dumb.

I'm working through a ton of ICM/SNGwiz stuff...hopefully it will be of more value as I progress with more advanced stuff.

Here goes...

What is going on with the "win" column here?

The amounts are unrelated to the "real" amounts ($2.98 for 1st, $0.23 for bounties) This is the same effect for all tourneys in my main HM2 results view as well ?????????????? no idea what is going on.

Turning to SNGwiz

first thing I notice is there is no "tree" displayed for limping behind. Does SNGwiz not have a suggested call action preflop, or am I missing something.

The hand in question (sorry about the link, but i can't get any fkn HH converter to work (I've tried the embedded one and Deuces Cracked, any other HH converter suggestions.

thanks for your time

PS Maybe I should just mention, its $1 because I am just messing about to generate spots for data. No point in wasting money. I have 63 spots to analyse
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