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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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Feeling Awkward, KT with 20bb 3 handed

$30 5-man Poker app homegame sng. 5k starting stacks, winner take all. Blinds up every 8 minutes.

3 handed. Blinds 100-200.

Hero (3k) on button with KTo. SB has 11.1k, BB 10.5k. Hero shoves.

Both SB and BB will call 2-3x raises and exert pressure postflop with a fairly wide range. Both solid, competent types with fair reading ability.

What do I do with these better than average type holdings with around 20bb on button? Seems too tight to throw them away, but playing flops and turns seems bad-- I wont be able to fold most top and probably middle pairs with bluffs.
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Re: Feeling Awkward, KT with 20bb 3 handed

I just ran a few sims with Holdem Resources Calculator.

If you just play push/fold, then KTo is marginally a shove, with an expected win on average of 0.09 bb.

If, however, you open for a min-raise to 2 bb, then KTo is a slam-dunk open, winning 0.34 bb. You'll be opening with a fairly wide range on the button, about 56%.

I also ran a sim giving the choice between min-opening and shoving; it turned out that BTN had a 0% shoving range, so we can ignore these results.

Bottom line: Don't shove here with anything; open for the minimum with your entire playing range, and take it from there.
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