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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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begginer question repush stack vs push stack

Hello, I have a question,

say you have stack of 17BB and you're on the CO, action is folded to you
BU,SB,BB have 10BB.

Do you still shove AS WIDE as if you have 10BB because thats the effective of opponents behind you?

OR do you play tighter because you're no longer in the danger yet as you have 17BB ?

Which one of this is correct to do, if we are not ITM?

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Re: begginer question repush stack vs push stack

Buy snapshove

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Re: begginer question repush stack vs push stack

Hi RealClownz,

The answer is that you have 10bb effective in both of your generic examples, but not nearly enough information to comment. Many other factors at play including other stacks, payouts, reads, and others. Important to work with structures and ICM-based programs to get a better idea of profitable pushing ranges in various spots. FAQ at the top of the forum has oldy-but-goody advice on this front.

Otherwise, you're free to post questions like this but we still need more information per above. Please pull out hands from your own play, or that of others, that are of interest to you. Appropriately title them (IE "$5 6 max CO push range with 10bb and loose caller in BB"), and you're free to use those specific hands/examples as a basis for any questions that you might have along these lines. The more comfortable you get with ICM and modeling, the more likely it is that you'll be able to answer questions of this nature with those programs/methods, thoguh still fine to discuss here so long as you have those specific hands/examples as a basis for discussion.

Locking this up as it's too generic to address, but if you have any questions about future posts please feel free to PM a moderator. GL!
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