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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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Re: **&#@$** 2018 STTF POOP TALK THREAD **^%~*

Originally Posted by dwarfman View Post
Except the thread where that guy was accusing PokerStars of being somehow rigged, is there any literature out there that discusses PT4's all-in EV calculation in conjunction with SnGs?

I played a few thousand SnGs at PS last year and ran crudely around exactly the same as PT4 showed my all in EV to be, just a touch below but my sample size is small enough for that to be variance.

Switched to PP a few months ago and almost immediately I was running a long way ABOVE all-in EV. Through about 5k SnGs at PP, I'm running at about 6% ROI, which is pretty much as expected, but my all-in EV suggests I'm actually a losing player! I don't think I'm running amazingly well, it's all pretty much par for the course.

Again, not great sample sizes, but there is surely something weird going on there. Since switching sites my all in EV graph has nosedived, without me really playing any differently. In individual SnGs I'm seeing AIEV at negative more than the buyin itself, even where I went out on the bubble to a bad beat. It's weird and a little frustrating as I really don't have a quantitative indication as to how variance is affecting my results any more.

Wondering if there are any insights about how it is calculated and its relevance to SnGs?
I'd check their posting rules as I'm not sure what they are, but you may want to ask in the software forum.

There is a PT4 support thread thread in the commercial forum. They may be able to inform you about how it is calculated.

One quick note on your post - it shouldn't surprise you that you can lose more all-in $EV than the buy-in. Say it's the bubble and you call off your big stack against the chip leader when two micro stacks already folded - you stand to lose more $EV than your buy-in, even as a favorite.
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