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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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6max KO SnG resources and tips

Hi guys,

I'm primarily a cash game player and dabbled a bit in MTTs.

I've now discovered 6max single table KO SnGos on Pokerstars and find the format very interesting and fun. I find the field to be very soft which is great compared to the reg infested zoom cash games.

Over 33 3$ tourneys I have a 17% ROI which is nice for someone who is basically going off of intuition and has very rudimentary push/fold/call knowledge. But certainly, the sample is too small to make any major inferences.

My questions are:
Are you aware of any good resources for this format?
Any tips for playing the early levels (tourneys start at 25bbs). Trouble is people tend to call a lot so raising marginal hands is problematic, especially OOP.
I have push/fold charts. Are there any good call/reshove/fold charts?
Any tips on constructing ranges to account for the bounties?
Any tips for playing on the bubble? (2 places get paid)
Finally, how to set up a HUD for these games?

Anyway, any tips much appreciated since if all goes well I'd like to make this my primary game going forward seeing that for now I both enjoy it and it's profitable.

Thank you!
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Re: 6max KO SnG resources and tips

I suggest reading this whole topic to see what my post replies to and then reading my lengthy post. I really do believe you will be able to show a significant profit by sticking to the basic fundamentals as described there.

Then I suggest purchasing ICMIZER and choosing the SNG COACH mode and practicing your specific game type (you will find 6-max hyper KO SNGs there under Pokerstars). You will find everything regarding push/fold there, provided you are willing to put in the time.

I have never used a HUD with anything else except for VPIP/PFR, number of hands and number of big blinds and am doing quite well. I could probably do much better by using a more complex HUD, but it honestly isn't that important at these stakes.

VPIP/PFR will tell you practically everything. Even after just 10 hands, you know who the losing players are and you know who the possible reg/losing nit is. The thing to remember about bad players is they always do something in excess, to the extreme.

If they are tight, they are ridiculously tight, if they are aggressive, they are often literally insane etc.

Basic villain types on these stakes:

40/10 loose please-let-me-see-a-flop passive player

40/30 loose insane aggro player

10/5 I've-found-a-way-to-finally-show-a-profit nit

All are quite transparent so the countermeasures are pretty obvious and simple. You really don't even need 3-betting frequencies or anything even more intricate because you can usually just take an educated guess and not be far off. Of course other stats would help you be a better player, but I haven't gotten used to using them yet as I'm focusing on other things that I think are more important.

Good luck
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Re: 6max KO SnG resources and tips

I started a similar thread some time ago requesting info on training vids or any publications related to KO sngs. Unfortunately I can't help you and the format seems to be relatively unresearched. I'm interested to see other people have noticed how low the standard is in these. The £10 buy ins on Stars are noticeably softer than the £5 no kos. They seem to be heavily populated by players who have little or no defined strategy for sngs. Maybe they are just attracted by the ko format.
Other than adjusting calling ranges in the push/fold stage I struggle to think of strategy adjustments required for this format.
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Old 02-09-2018, 04:57 PM   #4
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Re: 6max KO SnG resources and tips

Hi. ICMIZER is a very good tool. Even just to copy and paste hands that you were unsure about. These games have a few reg's but for the most part you'll find them to be rec heavy. I think the KO format brings in the gamblers. I've only started playing them in the last couple of months. Played about 1500 games evenly spread between $3 $5 and $10. From what I have seen so far the $10 game is the loosest. Crazy stuff to be honest but if you can get over the bad beats they're very enjoyable to play. For the most part I play a simple push/fold strategy. I use the sharkscope HUD and desktop. The desktop has EV graphs that record all your hands and show you if you are making profitable moves while also graphing your actual winnings. My HUD is fairly simple. Standard. But it is useful to know how many games experience they have, and ITM %. Often you will find players at these tables with almost no experience, and in general they are very weak players. GL
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