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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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Post 6 MAX HYPER - BUBBLE postflop

Hyper's 6 max

buy in 30 USD

Payout structure 65/35%

Last 3 players (bubble)

blinds 50/100 ante 10

HERO on BB - QJ with stack - 1300 - 13bb

PREFLOP: BTN FOLD, SB raise to 2BB, BB call 2BB.
POT: 4.3BB

POT: 4.3BB
Action: SB bet 3BB, BB call 3BB

POT: 10.3BB
Action: SB check, BB bet all in 7.9BB, SB fold.

Hello what do you think about my play. I was totally confused.

But what I had in mind, Preflop: okay player is agro and will try to steak a lot even if he plays against a bigger stack and thus puts himself at risk. I won't push but I'll call and look at the flop.

Flop: we have a midlle pair of pretty good kicker + flushdraw which can be nuts with a very high probability. But what happened? the opponent bet 3BB in pot 4bb. unaccepted. Call fold or all in. I find it all annoying, but maybe not the worst, but we'll always leave him king in the game at the risk of all the chips, if we call, we'll cover the player sitting on BTN in the next round, if we fold all in on the tour. A FOLD
On the flop, I also find it quite passive towards the opponent. I decide to call, and I'm interested in what the opponent will do on the tour.

Turn: SB CHECK - K is eliminated As can be in the ranks but very little, I can imagine that all Ax would oppo push pre. - many Kx to.
two pairs? never. (only if misclic.) I put trash in the range and I don't want to play a free card on the river, and if the SB king has we still have enough outs to win.

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Re: 6 MAX HYPER - BUBBLE postflop

I'm not a fan of how its played overall. Inwould rather raise pre or raise the flop when you are ahead. I'm not convinced the 2 doesn't improve him as I would range him huge. All he did was raise and cbet so far.

As played I think the push is probably the worst option. Only thing you beat and get paid is AsXx and that has a lot of outs (and that is unlikely to check turn). I think a check is pretty safe here. Your way ahead and you don't fear a draw. I think you can easily check and call any river bet. If he checks river you are winning so you can value bet it (and get paid by a random spade if flush hits). I really don't see a scenario where you are hurt giving the free card and it keeps your range wide with him (if he's decent) that leads to lots of river payoffs.
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