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STT Strategy Discussion about the play of single table tournaments.

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flying soybean
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$10 snap folding AK

Sup y'all

How do we playing AKs 100bb deep 1st level of a tournament?

We have a flush draw on the flop - do we shove?


Game Hand #365594211 - Tournament #20717199 - Holdem(No Limit) - Level 1 (10.00/20.00)- 2020/05/21 06:54:31 UTC
Table '1' 9-max Seat #6 is the button
Seat 1: HERO (1994.00)
Seat 2: Dikenya (1934.00)
Seat 3: JohnJGrace (1425.00)
Seat 4: Corona Mike (1982.00)
Seat 5: sisker1022 (1712.00)
Seat 6: WickedGame666 (1964.00)
Seat 7: VazhA (3292.00)
Seat 8: YEEHAW888 (1703.00)
Seat 9: arathrill (1994.00)

HERO posts ante 2.00
Dikenya posts ante 2.00
JohnJGrace posts ante 2.00
Corona Mike posts ante 2.00
sisker1022 posts ante 2.00
WickedGame666 posts ante 2.00
VazhA posts ante 2.00
YEEHAW888 posts ante 2.00
arathrill posts ante 2.00
VazhA posts the small blind 10.00
YEEHAW888 posts the big blind 20.00

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Main pot 48.00
Dealt to HERO [A K]
arathrill folds
HERO raises 54.00 to 54.00
Dikenya calls 54.00
JohnJGrace folds
Corona Mike calls 54.00
sisker1022 calls 54.00
WickedGame666 folds
VazhA calls 44.00
YEEHAW888 calls 34.00

*** FLOP *** [3 8 T]
Main pot 342.00
VazhA checks
YEEHAW888 checks
HERO bets 135.00
Dikenya folds
Corona Mike raises 300.00 to 300.00
sisker1022 folds
VazhA folds
YEEHAW888 folds
HERO calls 165.00

*** TURN *** [3 8 T] [2]
Main pot 942.00
HERO checks
Corona Mike bets 471.00
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Old 06-01-2020, 08:47 AM   #2
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Re: $10 snap folding AK

Please use a hand converter in the future. It makes it much easier to read a hand and people are more willing to give feedback/invest time if they see that you invested 30 seconds.

Uff, we are 6-handed here and only have a NFD + Overcards. I don't like your flop bet. I don't think we will ever take down the pot here. What are you trying to accomplish with your bet? Is this a "blocker-bet" where you try to get to the turn cheap? If we c-bet this board we should bet bigger.

I prefer a check on the flop and re-evaluate after the action comes back around to us. With 6 players on the flop all the sets are in their range and there are not many hands which go broke on this flop which be crush (Jc9c, 9c7c, AT). I tend to play these somewhat drawy boards versus many players quite passively.
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