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Micro Stakes Limit Discussions of micro stakes limit Texas Hold'em

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Micro LIMIT digest, January #2

The Micro-Limit Forum Digest

This is a bi-monthly digest published on the 1st and 15th of each month. The digests will cover the material published on the 10th-25th (for the 1st of the month posting) and from the 26th-9th (for the 15th of the month posting). I usually start reading all the threads, though I might stop reading one if I don't feel it's important to me and might miss some important discussion. If you see a thread that is digest worthy please bring it to my attention by PM'ing me. The digest should cover threads threads that have at least one or more of the following qualities.

* Hands that got a lot of in-depth discussion
* General strategy or C/T Pooh-bah type posts
* Threads that may not have gotten a lot of discussion but had a really good eye-opening post or two

Usually there will be about 10 posts per digest. Sometimes more, sometimes less... This is the digest where some newbies posted either spectacular hands (you know with reads and discussion) or trainwrecks... But these two weeks were filled with more than just AA hands, believe me, there is some good stuff I didn't put in there.

Pre-Flop Discussion

88 OOP
Raise 88 PF from SB? Continue aggression OOP on turn?

Flop and Turn Discussions

I'm gonna have to face it, he's addicted to donk
Oh Miles, thou grunchest so good

The most highest pair and the most highest kicker
I liked the horse-race aspect in this one

Kings Between a Rock and a Hard Place
When to fold KK overpair...

JTo Steal Attempt
Interesting HU spot, even Joe Tall weighed in

Suited broadway in SB.. thoughts?
What to do at flop?

River and Beyond

Semibluff -> bluff (shorthanded)
Nice post by Kit

First hand post, AKo late position
Very nice first hand post

This could be fun. Find me a river line K9o.
Bet/call or bet/fold the river.

General Strategy and other

BBB's long anticipated 5K PLUS a well, what more do you want?

1K Post: The Importance of Having a Good "Golf Partner" (very tl;dr-worthy)
Neurotiq's 1K!

ATTN: Micros
3rd nut 7high. Well, it was nominated, so...

Compilation of stuff

I fold to your 3-nit (NC Thread)
The No Content thread for all the fun stuff, BBV, and questions that don't deserve their own thread.

Official Microstakes Limit Stats Thread
Please post your stats here!

Link to the last digest

The Micro-Limit Library
Aaron W's wonderful Wiki. It's like a digest on steroids.

The Index of Micro-Limit Digests
I'm thinking of updating this one next month.

The Collective Wisdom of 2+2
All the links you could want and more.
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