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Other Other Topics Discussion of arts & entertainment, pop culture, food & drink, health and exercise, fashion, relationships, work, and just about anything else in life except poker, sports, religion and politics.

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Welcome to OOT

The Golden Rule of OOT:

“Post something good or don’t post at all!”

Now a few words about OOT

What OOT is

OOT is for non-poker related discussion that does not fit into any of the other off-topic sub-forums. While the definition of acceptable subject matter is broad, we still require posters to put thought and effort into their posts. Start threads that will be of interest to a wide audience, not just you or a few of your friends. If you have a question to ask, make sure that the answer is not readily available somewhere else (like Google), that the question has the potential to generate interesting discussion, and that it is not better suited to another forum If you have a question that might be quickly answered, or that likely doesn't warrant an entire thread, OOT has a monthly low content thread that might be perfect for you (and if your question spawns a quality discussion, it may be moved out of the LC thread into its own). OOT is moderated in a much harsher and stricter fashion than most of the forums on two plus two. What might fly in one forum might be a bannable offense here.

What OOT isn’t

For some of the above subject, we do understand that you may value the opinion of the OOT community over some other forum. The monthly LC threads are a perfect venue for most of these questions (politics being the notable exception).

Rules -
The Basics
Don't violate the twoplustwo T&Cs. They're here:
  • No inline nudity, even in spoilers
  • No profanity, do not try and work around the profanity filter
  • No racism/sexism/homophobia
  • No death wishes/threats/suggestions of violence against other posters
  • No suggestions of violence towards women (2p2 had an unfortunate meme of "try hitting her" spring up, saying this will get you banned in most spots
  • No "first" posts or other trite, unfunny one line or over used memes. (a good rule of thumb is "put some thought into your posts")
  • No discussion of torrents or other ways to steal copy written content
  • No one line/zero effort OPs.
  • Over the top personal attacks. Jokes are fine, some insults are fine, but there is a hard to define line out there, use good judgment and don't cross it.
  • When discussing movies (TV has its own forum), be mindful of spoilers. Use spoiler text, describe what the spoiler text might contain so that people know if they should click or not, and use good judgment.
  • No AMA threads about jobs no one gives a damn about.
  • No list threads, no cares about your top favorite cat breeds.
  • No “X for Y” threads – (IE “50 dollars on FTP if someone finds me a pic of cat balls”)
  • No using gimmicks to make lame points, posts or questions. You will be outed and it will be banned.
  • No cross-posting to other forums

Breaking the rules can result in:
  • Your post being deleted
  • Infractions
  • A temp ban
  • You being exiled from OOT
  • In extreme cases, a permanent ban from the forums.
  • The mods and users making fun of you

A few other guidelines:
  • If you'd do start an AMA (ask me anything) thread, make sure you have the time to be active and answer people's questions when you start it.
  • You are not the boss of your thread. Making an OP doesn't give you the ability to dictate how that thread turns out. If you don't like what's happening, please use the post notification function to alert the mods.
  • If you start a thread and then ask for it to be deleted, that decision will be up to the mods, and in most circumstances will be done in exchange for a 30 - 90 day ban.
  • 2p2 does not have a signature function for a reason, and the community strongly frowns on post signing. If a user appears to be using a regular signature, they will be asked to stop. If a user signs their posts, they'll get laughed at a lot.
  • Sometimes threads get serious (school shootings, other tragedies). In those threads, where we are reacting to a terrible event in real time we will ask that everybody avoid making tasteless jokes, avoid derails, and generally demonstrate good judgment and decency.

A Note on “train wrecking”:
If you start a thread about why do girls hate me, what it’s like to jerk off to pics of your dad etc etc and then post private info about yourself, the onus is on you for your lapse in judgment. Don’t think the mods are going to run to your rescue to take down a thread. Trainwrecks are not against (ARE NOT!) against the rules of this website. Be smart before posting your hot sisters Facebook page.

A Final word:
Everything in OOT is at the discretion of the mods. Not every offense is created equal. What we say goes. If you don’t like these rules, you can’t take a little heat or if the tone of this sticky has put you off then you likely won’t like OOT and will find yourself quickly on the wrong side of a ban.
If you disagree with any mod decision please PM a mod first otherwise you are welcome to take your sand filled vagina over to ATF.

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bump. because this should be above some of the first page threads.
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