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Other Other Topics Discussion of arts & entertainment, pop culture, food & drink, health and exercise, fashion, relationships, work, and just about anything else in life except poker, sports, religion and politics.

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9am 2 0.76%
10am 52 19.70%
.Alex., 155181, 27offsuit, 4_2_it, absoludicrous, ADDboy, Adebisi, AGame18, AJW, AquaSwing, Artdogg, bdol_the_LEGEND, benza13, Biesterfield, BillNye, bobboufl11, bobman0330, bottomset, Brocktoon, buttonpusher, cables, Caldarooni, CalledDownLight, CallMeIshmael, calmasahinducow, cardsharkk04, caretaker1, CheckRaise, Claunchy, Code 3, Comtempo, crock pot, d10, Dan., DDH, demon veen, dkgojackets, dknightx, donkee, doughhater, Dr. Robinson, duckhook, Dudd, dukemagic, DumbKid, dustybottoms, dw2006, Dyenimator, ebranig, El Diablo, ElSapo, Ethos, evil twin, evilempire, eviljeff, fishdonkey, FlyWf, Franchise 60, freedom.fries, frotteur, General Tsao, GiantWalleye, gregorio, gumpzilla, Guy Incognito, heater, Henry17, Hobbs., Hoya, Huskiez, idda1988, idk my bff jill, In the Zone, I_AM_EVIL, J.D., JaredL, jaydub, jewbinson, Jim14Qc, JinX11, jjshabado, Jul.Jack, Karlson269, KidLifeCrisis, kinda, kkcountry, KLJ, Lagtastic, lapoker17, LFS, LKJ, LondonBroil, LuckyDice, Macdaddy Warsaw, Mark_K, Mcbrag, MegaFossil, MikeyPatriot, Mischman, Mr. PLO8, MtDon, n.s., Neko, NLSoldier, Noah., NU Star, NutCrackerr, Omar Comin, Oski, otnemem, PatInTheHat, Pauwl, pdoran10, phatgtdmb, phillis, pokerwifey, pongo, Ponies, pookvis, private joker, Pudge714, pwnsall, qdmcg, Quadstriker, Quicksilvre, Ratman138, Rinse Agent, riverdance, Sancho Panza, SarcasticRat, SaulPaul, SB182, Scary_Tiger, ScottySo, skiier04, sledghammer, Sly_Fox, SoulPower, Spacemoose, steamraise, steggy, Stemm, StrictlyStrategy, sumpy, szw, TandeM, the glove, TheRempel, thesilkworm, TheUntouchable, toddw8, TomCollins, tomdemaine, TonPere, traz, tshort, Turkish, TwoSixSooted, Valerio, VayaConDios, Velocity, VoraciousReader, weevil, wet work, Willd, Wizardballs
167 63.26%
noon 28 10.61%
1pm 13 4.92%
2pm 0 0%
3pm 2 0.76%
Voters: 264.

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