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View Poll Results: headphone usage in Public?
Acceptable at any time 98 35.00%
Acceptable as long as you will not likely be conversing with others
█████, aaronbeen, AbreuTime, ADDboy, AGx19, Aicirt, AirmanSpecial, Alex_Rules, An Inched Limns, Andy Ross, Apathy, asb165, babolat2389, ball dont lie, baumer, BDarch, BennyMac, Biko, blacklab, bmxicle, bnrocks, bobboufl11, BobJoeJim, botulism, bratwurst, BT2, calcbandit, cardsharkk04, CliffClav, Cueballmania, dalerobk, derekl, diddy!, dkgojackets, Dominic, DonkeyKongSr, Dr. Spaceman, Dropkick Brian, Dudd, dustybottoms, ehafner, ekray, EL Burro Loco, Ethos, evil twin, evilempire, EvilSteve, FlyWf, Gamboholics, GeraldGiraffe, gimmetheloot, Gin 'n Tonic, gusmahler, GVSB, HinfMethod, HokieGreg, ianisakson, ibankonu, Ichabod1985, iillllii, ikestoys, impecunious, Iplayboard, JasonK, JDalla, jds1201, jdubs015, JimHammer, JJSCOTT2, jjshabado, JL514, jmil23, killsadie, KJL, lead24, lenC, LetMeLive, LFS, libertos, lippy, Liquid Sunset, Loce, LuckyDevil, Made1, makaveli001, martijn, miajag, milliondollaz, MK8765mk, mlagoo, Mookie88, Mr.JR, mrandom, MrWookie, Nakkikake, neuroman, NotMitch, olapetter, Peter Harris, Plotinus, Pocket Trips, Poker's Busmalis, pongo, punkass, Quicksilvre, r0eKY, RayPowers, Recess, rianb, RichGangi, Riverman, Roelof-, Roy, RT_437, russi, Sancho Panza, SarcasticRat, ScottieK, Sephus, Sevenfold, Shaukal, siccjay, sledghammer, slipslope, SmallStakesBallin, SMB, SneakyFerret, Snygaard, Sober, spicybucknuts, splashpot, stabn, steamraise, Tapow Dayok, tarheeljks, The Drizzle, thegreatchris, TheTROLL, TIEdup14, timex, TomT, Tonitto, Tony_P, Triumph36, tsl82, Turkish, Uglyowl, VickreyAuction, Winawer, Wizzy33, ZeeJustin, zgall1, Zoogs
154 55.00%
never acceptable 14 5.00%
random witty remark put in so everyone can rag on the OP 14 5.00%
Voters: 280.

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