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View Poll Results: The situation.
'A' is right. Gift price checking and matching is standard. 14 8.59%
'B' is right. Deliberate gift price checking and matching is weird.
▬▬▬▬▬▬, --NLHEPownage--, .Alex., 72off, 99killed, AJW, All Father, Alobar, amead, Anacardo, Andronicus, Anzat, applejuicekid, Assani Fisher, Badafro, BDarch, BeccaGo, Biesterfield, Biko, BingoBango, blackize, bluey, BobbyM, Boku87, broomball, CalledDownLight, catalyst, cecil, Claunchy, Cleggy, clownshoes, Cueballmania, dalerobk, Dan., DannyOcean_, Dantes, Dean3408, DeezNuts, DirtyDiggs, DLizzle, domolm, Dont Sleep, Dudd, duk, eazyNY, electronic eel, elgreenhornet, exist, Fabian, findingneema, FlyWf, frostbrn, garcia1000, General Tsao, GeraldGiraffe, Gin 'n Tonic, ginko, goofball, GuyIncognito, hello newman, Henry17, Hoopster81, Hu$tlin703, Hume, IAmTheWalrus!, In the Zone, inferno, IsaacW, It's Brandt, IWalkOnWater, J.A.K., Jamming Monkey, jesusarenque, Jim14Qc, JimHammer, JokersAttack, jpb5013, jpg777, JustMark, kerowo, KingGordy, KLJ, KMac4, Kypha, lasa, LFS, LKJ, LuckOfTheDraw, MadScientist, Magaca, Marc Antony, mcorallo, MegaFossil, MexKrax, mikekelley, Miyogi, mlagoo, mofliedlice, Mr.JR, Neko, neuroman, pbailey, pepsimaxxx, Peter Harris, phantom_lord, pimp_named_ak, Pog0, PokerIMO, pongo, PoppinFresh, Quadstriker, Quicksilvre, RayPowers, RichGangi, riverfish1, rJ_, rodekio, runner4life7, sabes, Sabrazack, SaiYeN, Scuzzlebutt, Shadowrun, shaniac, Shark Doctor, sixers030409, SlowCheetah, SoloAJ, Stagger_Lee, straightaway, tarheeljks, The DaveR, The Drizzle, ThePwnz0r, TheUntouchable, TIEdup14, timex, TimTimSalabim, toddw8, TwoSixSooted, uauaEEE, VanBeek, Vantek, vixticator, WhiteWolf, zaephyr, _Z_
149 91.41%
Voters: 163.

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