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Online dating thread Online dating thread

01-05-2022 , 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by Baltimore Jones Online dating thread
No chance you'd get called out unless you're a douche to them in general. But tip well obviously.

The bigger problem actually would be the person recognizing you and then acting way too familiar with the (new) date too. "Hey guys! Great to see you again!" type thing. That's happened to me (or something close enough to it that my date questioned me).
This has happened a few times with me, probably my own fault though for repeatedly taking girls to the same bar in a city of 9 million people.
01-05-2022 , 03:54 PM
Nothing wrong with an external verification that you go on dates with numerous women
01-08-2022 , 09:37 PM
01-09-2022 , 01:07 PM
My one irrational pet peeve was those nose rings that the girl has in the video. Could never go out with a girl that always wears one.
01-10-2022 , 08:17 PM
Hahaha , I’m the opposite, it’s one of my distinct turn ons. I would also generally associate it with someone crazy.
01-11-2022 , 04:38 AM
A small nose ring on the outside of one nostril is usually a positive
01-11-2022 , 10:37 AM
One thing I've noticed here is that women lie about their location on Hinge. A ton of them here claim Park Cities which are the ultra wealthy suburbs located near the heart of Dallas. There are only 35k people living there and most of them are wealthy families, plus some SMU students. It's so obvious these app chicks actually live in some jenky apartments that are located outside of the Park Cities.

Anyways, I got a match and the girl's location is Park Cities so I was interested in finding out where she really lives and it turns out she lives in Shreveport... Louisiana. Smh. Anyways I've been chatting with her but she won't be moving to Dallas until she finishes school at the end of 2022 so yeah that ****ing blows. No other matches, yet.
01-11-2022 , 04:39 PM
Kind of how when someone in LV has their location at "The Lakes", you can be pretty sure it's a scammer.

Just came across a 6'2" height requirement (from a short azn chick, obv)... getting difficult for us 6'1" guys, lol
01-11-2022 , 05:01 PM
i always spelled it janky

so you pronounce it jay-n-key
or jen-key
01-11-2022 , 05:09 PM
Here in Boston it's anyone who puts "Downtown" as their area

1000% guarantee that they're a crypto scammer on WhatsApp
01-11-2022 , 05:13 PM
a lot of the asian scammers choose bangor maine for some odd reason, then they say they are there to open their company's US headquarters, nearly always a clothing label

makes perfect sense, we have a fashion brand crushing it in korea/china/singapore with ambitious goals of expanding to America so instead of NY/LA/etc we decide to move in stealthily and choose a city of 30k that only exists because of the lumber industry as the spearhead of our expansion

i've chatted with them in chinese, they all type in traditional characters even when pretending to be from Beijing or Singapore so i know they are lying from the start

seems they must be from hk, macau or taiwan as those are the only three regions still using traditional characters, which is kind of surprising tbh, i always assumed these scammers were from mainland china and that's also the rep too
01-11-2022 , 10:23 PM
Lots of hot asian ladies doing crypto research at Detroit universities too. Do they somehow sell you crypto directly from their personal stash or what?
01-11-2022 , 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by eastern motors Online dating thread
Lots of hot asian ladies doing crypto research at Detroit universities too. Do they somehow sell you crypto directly from their personal stash or what?
i've heard they try to get you to buy shitcoins from some dodgy exchanges

unsure if it's pure scam or just finding marks to buy in a pump and dump much like in wolf of wall street

they've never moved on to the scam part with me, they normally chat for a day, then share whatsapp and once you accept they unmatch you so you can't report them later - then they'll start randomly mentioning how much money they are making from trading crypto and that's the only thing they'll ever talk about - i've never shown interest nor taken the bait so i think it's like a nigerian prince scam where they do not waste time on marks who don't show real excitement to make money
01-12-2022 , 01:45 AM
The times I just went straight to the paint with those types about buying crypto with them, they denied it and kept trying to change the subject until asking for my WhatsApp

Guessing they're weary of discussing on the dating app itself?
01-14-2022 , 01:53 PM

Matches on Hinge but dust on Bumble/Tinder is pretty standard for me (same age).
01-14-2022 , 03:14 PM
For perspective, I have over 1,200 matches on Hinge and roughly 30 on Bumble. I don't use tinder.

What's causing this?
01-14-2022 , 09:24 PM
The issue is that you are liking too many women on Hinge.
01-14-2022 , 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by Dream Crusher Online dating thread
The issue is that you are liking too many women on Hinge.
The balls on this guy huh? It would take you 1200 years to get that many matches and he's complaining he only has 1 app with 1200 matches.
01-17-2022 , 06:12 AM
lol, I don't think I've had 1200 matches, lifetime, across all apps. And I've been doing this since yahoo dating.
Yesterday , 03:06 PM
I think I finally found my future wife (fingers crossed).

Yesterday , 03:51 PM
Totally tubular.
Yesterday , 04:47 PM
Crypto scams are the tubular-est
Yesterday , 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by SandraXII Online dating thread
Know how it feels. Banned from hinge for no reason . All it takes is one trigger happy broad to complain and her word is inevitably gospel
I'm now banned from Hinge for no good reason as well. And I'm not even sure why. I had an exchange off Hinge with a woman that day and there weren't any other women who should be angry at me, so I guess that was it. But I believe she had unmatched from Hinge after our first date, and we had seen each other four times (sexing for the first time on date 2). We had a phone conversation since the last time she came over where we talked about how we had absolutely nothing in common other than proximity (live five blocks away) and an attraction for each other. But that doesn't mean we can't hang out sometimes, and we made plans for the next week when I had time off at the end of the year and she had time off because she had gotten fired from her job after only two weeks working there. Then she canceled those plans. I tried again a couple days later when it was raining and I was sitting around bored not working. She responded "take a hint." I came back with "Whatever, it's no fun to be with a woman who can't orgasm anyway." That was that. Later that day, I tried to log in to Hinge and got the message that I was banned. I tried submitting an appeal. It's hard to appeal when they don't even give you a reason you were banned. But I presented how I've been a member of Hinge and two other Match Group apps (Tinder and OKC) for more than three years and had been a good member of the Hinge community, never previously facing an incident or complaint. And that I also had previously had a five-year relationship from OKC. I just got a form email back the next day that my appeal had been denied and my ban upheld. My response to that email has gone ignored for two weeks.

It seems pretty crappy that you can get banned just because one person makes a baseless complaint out of spite, if that's what happened. And then not even get the opportunity to talk to a reasonable person about getting it overturned. It's like cancel culture brought to dating apps.

Unfortunately, about 90% of my dates the past three years came from Hinge despite being on Bumble, Tinder and OKC as well. I did really well on it, and it's the only one I did well on. Looking at Reddit, it seems a lot of people, men and women, have been banned from Hinge for no good reason. And that there is no recourse once you get appeal denied email. All you can do is create a new account, but that is also a pain. It seems you need a new phone, phone number, email, VPN and photos, and then you still might get re-banned through facial recognition software.

Looks like I need to find another dating app, or just commit to one of the two women in love with me.
Yesterday , 11:18 PM
Originally Posted by Gaddy Online dating thread
I'm now banned from Hinge for no good reason as well.
seems like they'd rather be overly cautious than fair and/or don't have the resources to actually look into anything specific

from what i've read about my options for bumble i can pretty much just make another account (ie borrowing a brother's phone number) and they will look the other way

i don't think they'd do facial matching for photos, not that they couldn't, but it'd be a major server cost to regularly be scanning the hundreds of thousands of photos to match with those previously found in banned accounts - so i think you'd be safe recycling old photos

i've given up on the prospect of dating while in maine, i just don't have the energy to drive an hour to go on a date so am holding off on creating a new bumble account until i relocate

will also check out hinge and the league at that time

meanwhile, tinder is getting much better in quality but i think a lot of that has to do with cuffing season of more quality accounts now looking actively (it doesn't show you dormant accounts)
Yesterday , 11:52 PM
FB dating is the opposite of Hinge; I've reported blatantly obvious Chinese crypto scammers, and they're still active.

Another knock on Hinge is that they put single moms in my "preferred" match list. Yeah, those are dime-a-dozen; I don't need to pay to talk to them.