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A listing of important OOT threads for you to use (please review before posting)

This a list of big OOT threads. Many of these serve as catch-all threads used to contain smaller threads that may not have enough oomph to live on their own. Some are just big notable threads you might want to read.

Most importantly- review this listing of threads and see if whatever you're itching post might belong here as well. If it does, it'll probably be moved there anyway after people make fun of you and talk about lunch.

If there's anything that doesn't fit here, but also doesn't seem to deserve its own thread, each month's LC thread will have lots of *******s in it and (those are asterixs, but the thread will also be full of *******s) and be on the front page.

Your relationship questions are boring, and you're not any different from anybody else, but if you insist on asking OOT if she likes you or not, go here. 2p2's classiest Canadian Enigma and an honest to goodness really hot girl sometimes offer advice in this thread. (OOT Relationship Thread)

Thinking about buying a car? Go here and ask about it. Killa will tell you to get a camaro instead. (OOT Help Me Buy A Car Thread)

The iphone thread, where you post about iphones (OOT Iphone Thread)

Android thread, if you're not cool enough to have an iphone like me. (OOT Android Thread)

Are you the next Smashmouth? Then drink bleach!! If you make it through that, this is where you pimp your new band. (OOT Band Promotion Thread)

Is the Hipping and the Hopping more your style? Here is where you'll read about that rap music the kids are doing these days. (OOT Hip-Hop Thread)

Hardcore/Metal/Punk thread. For Hardcore Metal Punks. (OOT Hardcore/Metal/Punk Thread)

Do you like sweaty men holding eachother and grunting? There's a thread for that below. But if you want to talk about Wrestling, this thread is for you. (OOT Wrestling Thread)

How to cook steak. Step 1, boil some milk (OOT How to Make a Steak Thread)

Want to cook something that isn't steak? You probably had steak yesterday, I understand. This is the oot cooking thread. (OOT Cooking Thread)

Did they let your aunt on the internet again? Post about how dumb she is in the annoying facebook status thread (OOT Annoying Facebook Status Thread)

Right hear its the OOT grammer thread? (OOT Grammar Thread)

Revolutionize your life by learning how to fold shirts and other life tricks (OOT Life Tricks Thread)

What amounts to the OOT homosexuality thread. I'd tell you not to be a dick in here but.... (OOT Homosexuality Thread)

Ask a guy who flies planes about planes. This thread is one of the best ways to waste 4 hours ever (OOT Flying Planes Thread)

Like baseball but are scared of an Ogre named VORP? The OOT MLB thread might be for you. (OOT MLB 2011 Thread)

A thread for pictures. Look for lots of stuffed animals juxtaposed with horror. It's deep. (OOT Picture Thread)

Stingiest Thing you've ever seen somebody do other than try to chug a giant bottle of water in an airport. (OOT Stingy Thread?)

Guys. GUYS. GUYS The new Season of Suite Life of Zack and Cody is on Netflix (OOT Netflix Instant Thread)

A ghetto we've created for people who still listen to Howard Stern. (OOT Howard Stern Thread)

Talk about how Adam Carolla pulled himself up by his bootstraps and tells it like it is and meh. (OOT Adam Carolla Listening Thread)

Did you get high and lose 3 hours to wikipedia last night? Post the results here (OOT Wikipedia Thread)

Apparently we've got a big ass thread on how to play guitar. I had no idea. (OOT Guitar Thread)

Herein Suzzer fights astroturfers about Amanda Knox. It's dumb, but it's big, so it's here. (OOT Amanda Knox Thread)

So wait, not everybody eats their soup out of a hole they've sanded into their kitchen floor? WHAT THE HELL MOM? (OOT "Things you thought were normal until..." Thread)

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Re: A listing of important OOT threads for you to use (please review before posting)

OOT Fantasy Football Threads for 2011-2012 Season

No Randoms (aka League #1 run by killa)

Electric Boogaloo (aka league #2 run by spota)
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Re: A listing of important OOT threads for you to use (please review before posting) + FFB Thre

bump , and someone bump all these
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