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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Originally Posted by TrollyWantACracker View Post
I feel like you could quote the entire Amanda Knox thread here.
It should be at least a temp ban for even considering this.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Originally Posted by Didace View Post
It should be at least a temp ban for even considering this.
Agreed. Temp ban justified.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Originally Posted by youtalkfunny View Post
(Brace yourself for disappointment, Cha. Cliffs at the bottom)


Oh, what a day. One for the ages, packed with highs and lows.

I wake up, take a leak, and step on the scale: 182.4? First, it's awesome to hit another all-time low...but do I really want to have a cheat day when I'm just two pounds away?

I go back to bed, ponder this, and decide that if I do it now, it will be a Cheat Day, but if I do it AFTER I hit the mark, it will be a Cheat WEEK, so today is the day. I've got an apartment to look at at 12:30, my back-up plan in case the place I applied to on Friday turns me down. I've already had one landlord pass on me:

So the only planning I had done for Cheat Day was to hit the Pizza Hut buffet for breakfast, on the way to this 12:30 appointment. They only do the buffet from 11a-1p, and I thought it would be a good way to get a taste of pizza and pasta on cheat day without buying a whole pizza and a whole order of pasta.

But that plan was scuttled when I unexpectedly woke up just after 10:00 AM. I never wake up that early. But I've been sleeping less and less lately (I used to sleep 9-10 hrs/night when I was obese, now it's more like 7-8), and waking up earlier and earlier. Any way, since I'm up THIS early, and on a Cheat Day, this looks like a glittering opportunity to try some Taco Bell breakfast.

I walked into the place, there was one guy in the dining room eating.

YTF: Hey pal, how's the breakfast?
DINER: (looks up) Dude, it's awesome!

I browse the menu, and every single thing looks spectacular. "I just want to order one of each!", I think aloud. Well I'm definitely getting the Waffle Taco w/sausage. The crunch wrap thing looks good, I'll get that with bacon. Sides? I can get a combo, it comes with a choice of hash browns or Cinnabon Bites. Those things are SPECTACULAR, they're golf-ball sized, deep fried dough covered with cinnamon sugar and a warm creamy filling. I can't decide, so:

"May I please have a #14 with a hash brown, and a #15 with the Cinnabon Bites?"

Waffle Taco thing was OK, it probably had no chance of ever meeting my sky-high expectations. But the crunch wrap faced no such hurdle to clear, and dude, it WAS awesome....but when I bit into that Cinnabon thing at the end of the meal, my head exploded from all that sugar and fat. I savored, wished for more, and since it's only a buck-and-a-half for a four-piece, went back for more.

I left Taco Bell, and still had an hour to kill before my appointment....and it's buffet time at Pizza Hut...and it's Cheat Day, there's no rules today, anything goes...I'll just have a few slices and a taste of pasta, maybe a dessert bread stick or two...

I probably ate a little more than half a pizza (various crusts), only one small scoop of pasta (they don't put the meaty marinara pasta out for buffet diners, the cheap bastards!), a few bread sticks, and a few dessert bread sticks (MORE sugar, I was FLYING by now!).

As I drove out of Pizza Hut towards my 12:30 appointment, I caught my reflection for a moment, and noticed a big, goofy grin on my face. I was already pretty psyched about 182, and now coupled with a sugar high, I was euphoric, and I actually thought, "This is what winning the lottery must feel like. Seriously, I'll bet Power Ball winners just walk around, stunned that it's happened to them, unable to wipe the smiles off their faces."

Then I took that thought a step further: mine must be BETTER than a Power Ball hit, because if a 380-lb guy offered me $100M to trade with him, I'd turn him down. What I was feeling at that moment, I would not trade for $100,000,000. Can you imagine that???

The 12:30 showing was a disappointment. The apartment was nearly as nice on the inside as it appeared on the outside, and the garage spot wasn't included in the rent, and paying for it meant that this place wasn't the great deal I thought it was. But again, I might need them as a backup plan, so I took an application.

From there, I stopped at the office of the apartment complex I was waiting to hear back from, and there I got the bad news: application denied. I also learned that either on my credit report or my background check that there is a courthouse record of my ex-wife's eviction. Of course, it doesn't say her name on there, it says mine. So I'm not only not getting THIS apartment, I'm not getting ANY apartment that looks into my history. You gotta be kidding me. What am I going to do now? There's no way I can remedy this before it's time to bring the kids up here.

My Inner Child was not amused.
My Outer Child drove us to the gas station.
My Adult Self looked on and said, "It's OK, go ahead to the gas station, I could go for some chocolate chip muffins on Cheat Day, any way!" I grabbed a cookie (there was only one left, or I would have gotten two), a doughnut, and two huge muffins....and since I know you're curious, I ate the cookie before putting the car in gear, and ate the doughnut on the short drive home. Ate the muffins while browsing the internet for options.

Decided to check the Vacation Rentals listings on Craigs List, and actually found a few viable options. It actually might make even more sense to rent an expensive furnished place for the summer, then go back to living with roommates after the kids leave. Yeah, it's going to suck to pay an extra $1k/mo for rent for three months, but if I had gotten this apartment, I would have been paying close to an extra $300/mo in rent year-round, plus an electric bill, a heating bill, a cable/internet bill, the cost of furniture...on the whole, I might be better off that I didn't get these apartments!

Homeowner/roommate (HOR) came home from work. I asked him if it would be a problem if I moved out at the end of May, instead of the end of April as planned. No problem at all. Sweet! I told him my fat friend from back home was coming for a week in May, and asked if he'd mind if that guy stayed with us for a week? No problem. PHEW! This is enormous! I was immediately relieved of the Ticking Clock problem of finding a place by the end of April, or even before my friend's visit in mid-May.

I asked HOR how his search was going for tenants for the two rooms he's trying to rent out (my room, and ADR's room). He said he's got a student who's coming for the summer for an internship, and there's a second guy who MIGHT be in the running, who is also coming just for the summer to work at the racetrack's summer meet. It seemed that only the student was likely to come, and he wanted ADR's room (it's bigger, and comes with a garage spot).

I mention that because after he left, it occurred to me that maybe after the kids go back to school at the end of summer, moving back in here with these guys might be an option for me. That would be pretty sweet, I really wasn't looking forward to living by myself year-round. These guys have been like a surrogate family for me.

When HOR returned a few minutes later, he beat me to the punch and asked if I'd want to move back in here at the end of the summer! This is delightful! Everything is working out great! I was flying high again! I went from high this morning, to down in the dumps, back to flying high, all in a few hours. Wow.

Spent the rest of the afternoon websurfing for a summer place, and snacking on the Cadbury mini-eggs that Downstairs Roommate (DSR) had left on the table. I only meant to have a couple, but I ate most of the large bag.

Time to grab some lunch before a big karaoke night. I couldn't decide between KFC (I've been craving some fried chicken for weeks now) or the Chinese buffet, so I decided that like breakfast, I should do another double-header. First stop KFC: 3-piece chicken strips with baked beans and mashed potatoes/gravy and biscuit, and a slice of Oreo pie. Meh. I was surprised that it filled me up, so I never made it to the Chinese buffet. Surprised? I've been stuffing my face all day!

Off to karaoke. It didn't go well. My friends arrived first, and picked a table near the stage, where it's so loud that you have to scream to hear each other. All this screaming killed my voice, and on a night where I was hoping to showcase for my friend my new-found higher register. You do two songs on each turn at this place, and my second turn's two songs were super-high (Leave a Tender Moment Alone and Downeaster Alexa), and my voice was cracking pathetically like Peter Brady going through puberty. Hey, some nights you've got it, some night you don't. Five beers at karaoke.

Closing time for everyone else is dinner time for me, and I didn't have anything at home to make. Also, I was exhausted. There's a 24-hour McDonalds next to the karaoke joint, but they closed up this one night for cleaning or something. Just my luck! I hit the grocery store and bought a foot-long sub, a small bag of chips...and a chocolate ring cake. I was full after half the sub, but I ate the whole thing. And half the cake.

I went to bed with a sore belly. Got up to pee a few hours later, and almost puked. Drank some water and went back to bed.

(No, I'm not tallying that up. I really don't care.)


Waffle Taco with sausage, syrup.
Cruchwrap with bacon
hash brown
6 Cinnabon Bites

half a large pizza (various toppings/crusts)
3-4 bread sticks
small scoop of cheesy pasta
3 dessert bread sticks

2 muffins

large bag Cadbury mini-eggs

3 pc chicken strips, Original Recipe
mashed potatoes/gravy
baked beans

five Lite beers

foot-long three-meat sub (ham/turkey/roast beef)
four mayo packs
small bag chips
half a chocolate ring cake
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Larry Legend
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

While these old posts are great, it would be cool to try and weigh it towards contemporary posts imo.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Holy ****. Yeah how old is that YTF post?

Never in my wildest dreams have I had a day like that.
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El Diablo
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Great posts from around 2+2


I feel like there was one bigger day than that that included a Chinese buffet. Or at least two lunches.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

If anyone hasn't read the YTF thread over in H&F, that post is just the tip of the iceberg. Someone needs to find the YTF 7up post.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

I heard he ballooned up again, was hoping that was a new post after he had lost the weight back.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Something about his posting style really annoyed me. He seems like a decent good hearted dude but i just can’t handle those walls of his prose
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

I was kind of enjoying that post and couldn't make it all the way through.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

That Commodus one was prettay good.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

I feel like there's some gems in the thread outing Tbabs, it's just too time consuming to skim and you need to have complete context over the past few years to truly enjoy what happened last month.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Im still working on cliffs
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post

I feel like there was one bigger day than that that included a Chinese buffet. Or at least two lunches.
Yeah there were two similar days/posts within a couple of weeks of each other iirc, the other one is at least as good I think. This one spawned one of my all-time favorite posts though:

Originally Posted by metaname2 View Post
Agreed. I mean, I love foie gras as much as the next guy. But day to day, nothing fills the hole between second breakfast and pre-lunch quite like a Pizza Hut buffet.
Still makes me chuckle.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

If we're going to go on a ytf retrospective (which I endorse), there's that amazing post describing his super-cringey interaction with a potential date.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Wtf happened to metaname2?
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

He decided to stop being funny so now he posts on a troll account instead.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

While we're talking about ytf. Natamus could turn this into a sketch on his show.

Originally Posted by youtalkfunny View Post
(Cliffs at the bottom)

So in November I had a date, and I decided I needed some nice clothes. I hit the Goodwill, and put together a pretty nice outfit: slacks, dress shirt, sweater, and some really nice shoes (already broken in!). I looked good! But when I went to leave the house to meet my date, I reached for my Red Sox jacket and thought, "No, you can't wear that." But I didn't have a nice jacket. Lucky for me, I've got three roommates, and one is a rich kid (Home Owner Roommate). I borrowed a nice Perry Ellis winter coat from his closet in the mudroom. He was already out for the evening, I knew he wouldn't be needing it, so I borrowed it for the night, and put it back before it was missed. I started paying attention and saw that he never wore that coat, so borrowing it became my standard move.

Remember the "pizza buffet first date" a couple of weeks ago? I borrowed it for that, too. After that date, I went home, and as I walked into the house, Home Owner Roommate (HOR) pulled into the driveway.

Ugh. Busted.

YTF: Aw, man! I was hoping to have this back in the closet before you got home?

HOR: What do you mean?

YTF: I borrowed your jacket, while you were at work. Hope you don't mind.

HOR: I don't give a ****. Are you sure that's mine?

YTF: I dunno, it was in the mudroom closet.

HOR: I never wear that. It fits you? You can have it!

YTF: No way! Wow, that's incredibly nice of you, HOR, thank you so much!

HOR: I'm pretty sure that's mine. Make sure it doesn't belong to Annoying Drunk Roommate or Downstairs Roommate. If it's not theirs, yeah, you can have it.

I was walking on clouds. This is a NICE coat! What a nice thing he did for me!

That night, I checked with ADR, to confirm it wasn't his coat. He'd never seen it before, and assured me that he doesn't keep any of his stuff in the mudroom closet. I couldn't stop gushing about what a nice gesture it was to be given this coat, and how much I loved it.

I hadn't seen Downstairs Roommate until tonight. He usually heads straight down to his room in the basement, but tonight he was hanging out on the main level with ADR. Seizing my chance, I confirmed that it wasn't his coat, either. Finally, this baby was mine.

Or so I thought.

"Actually, YTF, I'm pretty sure I bought that..."

It was ADR, suddenly putting in a claim for it.


"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I bought that."

WTF? This guy is just ****ing with me now. He thinks the reason he's getting run out of here is because of me complaining about his cookies, and he sees a free shot to screw me out of something I clearly love?

"But I asked you a couple weeks ago, you said you'd never seen this coat in your life. Then you said you don't hang your stuff in the mudroom."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's mine. I've got the receipt, I'll go check."

He's got the WHAT??? I've been borrowing this coat since November, it's never left the hanger I found it on, and I'm pretty sure it's been there since the day I moved in close to a year ago--who keeps the receipt on clothes they bought last year?

Whatever, dude. What am I going to do, engage in this petty nonsense over an item I've paid $0 for? "Well, if you say it's yours, then it must be yours," and I hand it over. But I'm FUMING. I retreat to the living room for some websurfing.

A few minutes later, ADR wobbles over to show me a receipt. "See? It says 'coat'!", but I'm so angry, I can't possibly see straight, let alone read the tiny print on a receipt. I notice that the receipt is from Kohl's. ADR then goes over and shows the receipt to Downstairs Roommate (DSR). Funny, I missed this exchange at the time as I wasn't paying attention, but I think this may have taken place:

DSR: How much you pay for the coat?
ADR: $110.
DSR: (holds up receipt) It says $55 here.
ADR: (quickly) It was marked down.

I had just got home from the gym and needed a shower, so I went upstairs, determined to let it go.....but as I stood before the mirror shaving, I got madder and madder that this guy was screwing me so blatantly, and for such petty reasons. I can't stand to be made a fool of (by others! I don't mind making a fool of myself, as we all know by now). I formulated my plan, and rehearsed what I was going to say....

After showering, I dressed to go out, and went back downstairs. At this point DSR's new gf had come over, and the three of them are hanging out at the kitchen table. I greeted the gf on the way by, sat in the living room, and opened my laptop to execute Step One of the plan I had just formulated...

While I was finishing Step One, ADR left the kitchen and took his usual spot in the living room. I asked him in a voice that did not hide my annoyance, "Hey, do you still have that receipt handy? I was so angry when you tried to show it to me the first time, I couldn't even see straight, let alone read it." He politely laughed, as if he was hoping I was joking about being angry, and fished the receipt out of his pocket.

It was a Kohl's receipt, all right, and when I read it, it confirmed what I had already learned in Step One. The receipt was for a dress shirt, handkerchief, "neckware" (necktie, ldo), suit pants, and suit coat. Clearly, he bought a suit at Kohl's that day, not a winter coat.

YTF: This says "suit coat". You know that's not a suit coat, right?

ADR: (big, fake smile, but he can barely speak the BS he's about to try) Yes, it is...

YTF: (losing temper, starting to get louder) Keep smiling! You're lucky I don't lay you out right here and now.

ADR: Slow down....

YTF: I'm counting down the days until you're out of my life, the way a kid counts down the days till Christmas! Where's my coat?

ADR: (digs in, tries smiling again) *Your* coat?

YTF: (can't take any more, now speaking very loudly, my volume is completely out of my control, I'm so angry) Yeah, yuck it up, Laughing Boy! KOHL'S DOESN'T SELL PERRY ELLIS COATS! I just Googled it. They sell Perry Ellis fragrances, that's it! They don't sell Perry Ellis clothes of any kind!

I wasn't 100% sure that this was true when I said it, but I hadn't lied about being unable to find any Perry Ellis clothes and Kohl's in the same Google'd link. ADR instantly slumped. He was caught red-handed, and he knew it. He went up to his room, presumably to fetch the coat. While he did that, I started gathering up all of my stuff that I keep on the main level: coats, shoes, my laptop, etc. At this point, HOR was roused from his room by my yelling, and came downstairs. We met at the bottom of the stairs and he asked, "What happened?"

I was too upset to give a coherent version, but I tried to briefly explain the situation thusfar. And I added, "Now I need to gather up all my stuff, and lock it in my room, because if he'll **** with this coat of mine, now I need to worry about what ELSE he'll **** with! I need to keep my car locked now, my bedroom locked now, and I hadn't locked either of those things since I moved in here! Everything I own is going to be locked in my room..."

At this point, ADR returns with my coat.

"...everything I own is going to be locked in my room," I continued seamlessly, "except for my food, (turning away from HOR and towards ADR), and YOU had better hope I don't get sick from something I ate, or else your dental insurance better be paid up, because I'll kick your face in until you don't have a tooth left in your ****ing head!"

I went up the stairs with my armful of stuff, haplessly tripping over the coats I was trying to carry. ADR retreated to the living room. HOR followed me, tried to calm me down and find out what happened. I was so angry, my hands were shaking so badly that I couldn't get the key in to unlock my bedroom door. I ran down the story as best I could, from the beginning. I was met with a bewildered stare. I shared his bewilderment, and finished with, "I don't know what to do! I don't what to tell YOU what you should do! I've never had to deal with anyone like this! I *never* get this angry! If someone makes me this angry, I distance myself from them, I cut them out of my life. This guy? I'm stuck with!"

I went in my room and locked the door, and spent a long time trying to calm myself. When I did, I went to work finding places to store all the stuff I had dragged up. I even gathered up my stuff off the bathroom sink, to be stored in my locked room until I'm done with this jerk. While I was doing that, I heard HOR retreat to his room, and uncharastically slam the door loudly when he did. This guy is hands down, the most laid back guy I've ever met, but he's been pushed to his breaking point, and believe me, that takes an insane amount of pushing to accomplish.

When I was finally calm, and my stuff had all been put away, I opened my door to leave. I was going to go out and have a beer or two. But I saw ADR about to climb the stairs. I shut my door, and figured I'd let him pass to his room before leaving, rather than risk escalating things...

...but he didn't go to his room. He went to HOR's room and knocked on the door. HOR was even louder than I was. "What! What do you want!" ADR mumbled something drunkenly, and HOR said the loudest sentence of the night. "NO! WE ARE *NOT* OK!" He lowered his voice after that, but whatever he said from that point on was brief, and ended with another door slam. ADR went to his room and closed the door. I locked my door behind me and proceeded downstairs, already wearing my shoes and coat. DSR and his gf were still there.

ME: (humbly) I apologize to both of you for making you a part of this nonsense.
GF: Oh no, not at all...
ME: Yeah, I should have handled that better, and I'm sorry that it happened in front of you.

(Actually, it HAD to happen in front of DSR to work; gf was collateral damage, tho.)

I went out to explore downtown Chaska, but -14 is too cold for bar hopping, especially when the bars I went to were dead. Came home after less than an hour, the house was dark and quiet, which never happens--ADR holed up in his room for the first time since I moved into this place 11 months ago.

Curious to see what happens next...

CLIFFS: ADR tries to scam me, it blows up in his face. HOR and I now have no idea how to proceed...
"Yeah, yuck it up, Laughing Boy! KOHL'S DOESN'T SELL PERRY ELLIS COATS!" Would be very high up my favourite favourite lines from 2p2 list.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Goddamn that is great, just great.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Oh man, I remembered reading that years ago when I got to the part about his Sox jacket. So great.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

The best part, is him being paranoid about people messing with his stuff ... when the genesis of the brouhaha was him slyly joyriding, ostensibly, his roommate's jacket.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

I like his posts in The Breakroom thread in Casino (card game).
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Not sure if any of these are great posts, but it's great drama, and the point of this thread imo is to inform OOT of great posts/things happening in 2+2 outside of OOT. So here's a Usual Suspects situation that's occurring right now in real time in NVG:

Originally Posted by Abe M View Post
Eli was set up to do exactly what he did. That is not her name. We were aware he was going to take that name and use it to tell the fbi, mob crazy lies and how he scares the people he owes. There is no Russian woman named Leesa. Wanted to prove what he really is and what he does to people who outs him . The post were for him to see and he ran with it. Cut of his future scamming business he will run out of gas soon.
Originally Posted by oceancard View Post
I have no idea what is going on because the movie is still playing.

Here is what I think just happened.

Abe M. executed a real life slow roll vs Eli.

Abe spoke with 2+2 people and provided evidence of how big a scumbag Eli is. However, 2+2 people and Abe’s lawyer did not want that evidence posted on here.

Prior to all this, I was confused how Abe (a respected highstakes winner) could lack such patience and discipline with the information that was revealed by his side. Then it was revealed Abe had set up Eli by baiting him into displaying his scumbag ways for everyone to see. Abe’s post (“leesa’s post”) was designed to let Eli read and then make up lies.

The abeandleesa account was used to bait Eli. Eli went on a podcast claiming “leesa” phoned his house and threated him and his family.

This is false and a made up lie by Eli. Because “leesa” doesn’t exist and that phone call and threat that Eli mentioned never occurred.

The point Abe wanted to demonstrate to the public was that Eli does this kind of thing on a regular basis. Eli makes up excuses and lies, tries to tarnish other people’s reputation in order to avoid paying back money he owes. Eli tries to make himself look like a victim.

Once Eli attempted to do all this on the podcast, it was revealed by Abe that Leesa does not exist. That supposed threatening call she made to Eli never occurred because she doesn’t exist. Eli tried to make “leesa” look bad in public.

Now, Abe is revealing to us that he baited Eli to prove to everyone that Eli does this on a regular basis against people he owes money to. The perfect real life slow roll that fooled Eli into Abe’s trap. Thus showing that Abe is actually a worthy mental strategist that he is supposed to be.

Am I close Abe?
Originally Posted by Abe M View Post
Mason is correct on what he is saying but it outsourced to us. We are a Private Investgator Firm.

Mason had nothing to do with it except being scammed also by Eliahu IIan ELezra.
Originally Posted by Mat Sklansky View Post
I can confirm that i have no idea what is happening now.
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Originally Posted by Dudd View Post
I would not be upset at turning this into an Empire Man appreciation thread.
Seconded. I humbly submit another Empire Man post in the World Cup thread. In case it isn't obvious, he dropped this beauty after Suarez bit someone.

Originally Posted by Empire Man

yep, biting worse. In part because it has nothing to do with the sport whatsoever. Injury potential by itself is not really a good standard, you get in all kinds of weird philosophical spots. Like what if, in the 77th minute, Balotelli started madly fingering Ronaldo's butthole? I mean like really going to town. What's the potential for injury there? Better or worse if he spit on his hand first? And what do you do when Ronaldo begins, inevitably, to enjoy it? And who among us can differentiate Ronaldo's enjoyment from Ronaldo's revenge, exacted by patiently letting Balotelli burn his finger on the residual bleach contained therein? No easy answers here, only questions. If a two-footed studs up slide tackle can be a 20-game suspension then a two-nutted face-draping teabag spectacular feels like 26. I guess the idea is that injuries can happen to more than just blood and sinew, the actions of one man can also injure our collective memory. People get headbutted in sports, it happens. I would rather get headbutted than tickle tortured. Because think of the gifs. That's how I'm going to be remembered? As the guy Suarez tickle tortured before lovingly and tenderly licking his eyeball? What if Suarez grabbed an opponent's hand and then for thirty consecutive seconds made him hit himself? "Que mal Rooney? Why you hit yourself Wooney? Why you hit yourself?"
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Re: Great posts from around 2+2

Empire Man is the greatest poster in the history of 2+2 when considering efficiency and quality content
if someone else can prove me wrong i'm more than happy to read their post history.
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