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08-01-2010 , 08:32 PM
So the wedding/friend thread led me to bring this up.

A good friend from college is getting married in a couple of week in Maine. I live in NJ (what what), they live in DC, but she is from Maine so ldo let's get married in Maine.

Which is fine, he is a good buddy of mine so I will suck it up and get up there and make it a long weekend. By the time I received the invitation 6/7 weeks ago I had started seeing someone. So I had until mid-late July to RSVP (he knew I was coming but I was feeling out the girl situation because I didn't want to make the trip alone, nor did I want to commit to the couple's retreat so soon),

So after a month or so with the girl I figure we could handle the long weekend and I would have much rather brought here along. So I go to send back my rsvp and it just has my name on it and no place for me to say I'm bringing a guest, so now I have to ask him if it is ok to bring my girlfriend. So I ask him and he says he has to ask her, and she says that her feelings are if it is a bf/gf then yes people can bring guests, but if not not.

So I say yes, she is my girlfriend and I will be taking her. Am I wrong with thinking the whole thing is a bit ridiculous? I mean everyone he is inviting is going to be traveling from NJ/PA/DC area to Maine to see these jokers get married and not only do you have to awkwardly ask if you can bring someone, but it comes with stipulations and the feeling that it isn't a welcomed request.

If it matters, she is fairly well to do financially. Am I wrong for thinking anyone you invite to this wedding and will have to trek to quasi Canada has the right to bring a date?
08-01-2010 , 08:35 PM
Bitches be crazy. Especially at weddings.
08-01-2010 , 08:36 PM
Well I'd rather find out at his instead of mine.
08-01-2010 , 08:37 PM
I actually meant the bride-to-be, but bitches be crazy in general.

Edit: Also, wtf no gif? Are you saving them ****s for SE?
08-01-2010 , 08:48 PM
What happened to Dr. Robinson?
08-01-2010 , 08:49 PM

japanese cafe where you get what the last person ordered.
08-01-2010 , 08:50 PM

my opinion is that if you are asking people to travel a good distance for your wedding it would be pretty lame to be harsh about a +1.

i don't think it's weird not to put space for a +1 on the invites but if that's the case you should be cool about it / prepared when people call to ask.

overall nbd imo etc
08-01-2010 , 08:50 PM
That's ******ed.

Edit: The cafe thing.
08-01-2010 , 08:54 PM
Franchise 60: Pretty reasonable to ask that the +1 be a significant other and not a random buddy. They could have handled the communications with you better.
08-01-2010 , 09:22 PM
Originally Posted by ham on rye
you, too?
08-01-2010 , 09:30 PM
Posted this in the grammar nit thread but got no response. Any assistance appreciated.

Originally Posted by Tony_P
My company has a web application that runs searches, and when you click the button to send them into the background queue you get a dialog that says "Your search job has been backgrounded".

Apparently backgrounded is technically a word, but it's clearly being used in the wrong context here. What is a good way of articulating this since my previous discussion with the web developer went like this:

Tony (2:01:40 PM): that's not a word
Developer Douche (2:01:48 PM): Yes it is.
Tony (2:03:20 PM): oh, i guess it is, but it's not being used right. Background as a verb means to "rpovide with background"
Developer Douche (2:03:33 PM): It's fine.
08-01-2010 , 09:31 PM
Originally Posted by Yeti

japanese cafe where you get what the last person ordered.
I didn't click the link yet but wouldn't everyone basically be eating 1 dish all day/night?
08-01-2010 , 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by Tony_P
Posted this in the grammar nit thread but got no response. Any assistance appreciated.
If you knew what he meant it's fine but if you think it's important enough that it could cause a problem in the future I would mock him. Start using it in all your texts.
08-01-2010 , 09:36 PM
so, when you play a youtube video, then pause and hold down the left arrow key, you get to play snake.

am i super late on this one or is reading this post blowing your mind?
08-01-2010 , 09:40 PM
It's blowing my mind but I'm probably the most computer illiterate person here.
08-01-2010 , 09:45 PM
Originally Posted by Howard Beale
Extra anchovy, please.
I ate a raw anchovy to go with my coffee in the morning, just cos I can.
08-01-2010 , 10:08 PM
I'm so irritated that nothing to do with youtube, pause, video, etc. rhymes with plane.
08-01-2010 , 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by Zeestein
I ate a raw anchovy to go with my coffee in the morning, just cos I can.
Anchovy goes w/ everything except maybe cereal. But I don't think you can call them raw unless you fished one out of the ocean.
08-01-2010 , 10:29 PM
Originally Posted by RunDownHouse
What happened to Dr. Robinson?
Joltin' Joe has left and gone away?
08-01-2010 , 10:29 PM
Bar is in full remodel mode. Took over the building 2 weeks ago. Already demolished everything in the damn place, including:

A completely POS drop ceiling that hid about 3 decades of faulty wiring
A floor behind the bar that included layers of tile over particle board over carpet over particle board over sub-floor
A stage that also featured particle board and thus holes under the carpet about 8X8 inches

So after 2 weeks of work we are up to newly drywalled high celings, a new bar floor, a new bar and kitchen pony walls, new liquor shelves, all new plumbing and all new electrical. Had pros do the plumbing and electrical, me, the Mrs and friends did all the rest. Been working 40 hrs at my day job and 35 hours a week there.

Have to open by Aug 13 but hoping for a bit sooner. Will bump the Bar Food Menu thread with final details on location and exact opening date.
08-01-2010 , 10:30 PM
I save my anchovies to harvest the robot oil lying within.
08-01-2010 , 10:32 PM
I thought anchovies only existed to be eaten on dares.
08-01-2010 , 10:34 PM
Originally Posted by Tony_P
Posted this in the grammar nit thread but got no response. Any assistance appreciated.
it's fine
08-01-2010 , 10:48 PM
I'm posting this here because I don't want to look like a persistent troll in Shoe's thread...

I've been using the same two pillows for like 5+ years
08-01-2010 , 10:50 PM
I don't blame you. I hate new pillows.