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Intermediate player interested in getting back into study? RCP/Core any good, or would you rec? Intermediate player interested in getting back into study? RCP/Core any good, or would you rec?

12-21-2021 , 10:37 AM

I've been playing for about 10 years now. I don't play professionally, but I'm profitable at NLHE and at fixed-limit mixed games. Since moving to London, I've sadly not been able to play a lot of the latter, so I have to spend more time at the former.

I play almost exclusively live, but that's partially because I can't beat NL2 on PokerStars, but I can beat `1/2 at the Hippodrome and the 1/1 home game. Either 0.01/0.02 NLHE has gotten full of players who really know how to play, there's a lot of botting playing computer-based GTO, or something...

I did a lot of book reading/studying back in the day, starting with Phil Gordon's Little Green Book, moving on to Harrington on Holdem I, II, III, Harrington on Cash Games, Jeff Hwang's Pot Limit Omaha: The Big Play Strategy, and Negreanu's Poker Wisdom for All Players. Also read SuperSystem I and II, Slansky's Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players, Small Stakes Holdem, and The Theory of Poker.

I also remember signing up for Deuces Cracked back in the day.

I was wondering about signing up for some courses since I'm going out to play less during Omicron. I was thinking maybe trying Red Chip Poker.

Do people have any particular recommendations?
  • I generally end up playing cash, because big tournaments go way into the night and I work 9/5 and am over 40, though I do play the occasional small tournament.
  • I tend to play live, rather than online, though I could redeposit at PokerStars and try again.
  • I'm well rolled for 1/2 cash, and acceptably rolled for 2/5 cash, but find I can make more/hr playing 1/2 than I do at 2/5, even with the larger rake per pot.
  • I'm well versed in basics such as starting hand requirements, position, pot odds, implied odds, SPR.
  • I'm not well versed in tournament play (esp. shortstacked tournament play), bet sizing in tournaments.
  • I tend to be an old-school "exploitative" player rather than focusing on GTO, but I think I need to add GTO to my arsenal.
  • When I post hands, most of the advice (other than "fold pre" ) is that my bet sizing is off. I don't think it necessarily is my biggest problem but it might be one to address.
01-14-2022 , 02:44 PM
I'm newer to poker study (started playing <2 years at low-stakes home cash games). I found Grinder's Manual (2016) a super helpful dive into the concept or ranges and merged GTO/exploitive strategy. Though given it's age, I suspect it's less sharp on solvers/GTO strategy. It is more focused on online play, but the principles apply to live as well.

Speaking of which. That's why I'm on this forum. It sounds like looking for something similar to what you are.
Of the books you've mentioned reading, do you have any recommendations on which was the most impactful/detailed? I enjoy the nitty-gritty of theory (ranges, sizing, etc)