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Hold 'em Poker for Advanced Players

I've been playing Limit for about 6 months cruising along nicely. Have read SSHE and am now going through TTOP and Limit Hold 'em: Winning Short Handed and even am dabbling in the GTO stuff: Intelligent Poker Player and Mathematics of Poker. When I play, its either micro limits online or a $3/6 game at a local card room. The GTO stuff I imagine wont be impacting my play just so much yet, and that exploitative play will likely still be the main factor in my play style.

Having said all of that and hopefully painting a significant picture of what my games are like, I'm wondering if Hold 'Em Poker for Advanced Players is still a good book to reference. I've seen people mention that it's outdated, but yet SSHE still is referenced as the bible to beginning hold em players. Is this because Advanced Players hasn't been updated since 99', yet SSHE's last update was 07' iirc? I bought the book and I figure there's some good nuggets in it.

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Re: Hold 'em Poker for Advanced Players

It's good for identifying old school tags.
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Re: Hold 'em Poker for Advanced Players

Originally Posted by Bob148 View Post
It's good for identifying old school tags.
Thanks Bob. The First Two Cards chapter is already providing insight so I'll stick with it.

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Re: Hold 'em Poker for Advanced Players

It would be a complete waste of time. Take the Sklansky's Holdem Poker instead (a classic in my mind), and the Theory of Poker for basic information about limit poker especially. But these come later, for these reasons.

Intelligent Poker Player is fine for getting some idea of GTO but nothing much specific for your limit holdem strategy, and it is all heads up limit holdem from some (older) bot parts (his other book is even less useful, counting out pages 237 to about 245, getting fuzzy around there, being about Polaris bot huhu hands, that a limit holdem fanatic might like). Neither book is worth reading for your games at this time.

Middle Limit Holdem Poker is more like it, but plenty hand histories and kind of waste of time as so. But this is more like what one would buy, but only if one plays full ring live games at about medium limits. The same goes for Roy Cooke limit holdem books. And for the Super System 2's limit holdem chapter, that is okay, prefop it looks fine for live games, and some basic stuffs for post flop play.

Winning in Tough Holdem Games has basically just preflop strategy for tough games, the post flop stuffs being intuitive (you will just follow your own notions that you already know from experience, and it isn't offering a postflop strategy). So, not a book for you yet, and only for preflop, and not necessary but for higher limit players.

Limit Hold'em: Winning Short-Handed Strategies, is likely the book I would recommend to start with, and then there is one other where someone is on the beach on the cover I think (there is a later printing also) but it is a bit older and a bit of an overkill of what one already gets from that other book, so I wouldn't waste my time until I would like to fill my limit holdem collection (I have thrown away most of my poker books, especially since I moved to big bet poker and things have evolved, but some, and still have too many of them).

If you play very loose limit holdem games, you might like to get the most of it with some 2+2 book directed for those live games, and although I haven't read it (I have read one other like that), I think it is the best of them, named something like small limit or stakes holdem.

But there are no limit holdem books that give you mathematically based post flop strategies (that math books is a bit silly also, but if you are a fanatic, you might like to fill your collection with it, but it won't give you strategy, just the 22,32% to hit your hand stuffs, when all you need to know it is about 2% per out per card, in case you don't remember some basic percentage), and for that you have to take the next step and use a software, and it is much easier than with big bet poker, as you just take any post flop spot and situation and run showdown poker with it, giving board and the opponent's range, pot and implied odds (poker theory stuff), and then see what you need to call it (down).

The next step would be to sharpen your preflop strategy (if playing high limits) and sharpening your bot like gto type accurate check or bet in marginal situations stuffs by reading pages of bot strategy about it (you can likely play vs. it yourself also) and see if you get anything useful enough for your overall understanding. Nothing of that will still give you a top 1-on-1 strategy (some use when a ring table has two players), nor a top level ring strategy, those coming with playing, thinking and learning from your opponents.
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