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Mason Malmuth
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Re: Goal Setting is Garbage

Originally Posted by sheeprustler View Post
Interesting view point Mason.

If it was a binary choice between goal setting good vs goal setting bad, I think your view would be the optimal one.

I think goal setting is a valuable tool but a very difficult one to master. Most people do not realise this, copy and paste goal setting literature and start to face all kinds of problems.

Gary Klein has written some interesting things about goal setting, some of which reflects what you say. Chapter 14 in his book Streetlights and Shadows covers this if you happen to get your hands on a copy. He proposes a strategy of Management by Discovery (MBD). This does involve setting goals but constantly revising them as new information comes to light.

In relation to your quote: "But I do see people who find something they like to do, then work hard at it, and then seize opportunities as they happen to come along." I think you would relate to his Recognition Primed Decision Making theory.
Hi sheep:

Thanks for your positive comments.

Best wishes,
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Re: Goal Setting is Garbage

I think alot of you are conflating the new age practice of 'goal setting' being criticized with setting oneself to practical and tangible tasks. Especially that comment on Masons publishing. Proofreading, copyediting, finalizing a draft, etc is NOT goal setting. It's completing tasks toward a specific, immediate end. That's like saying eating breaking, showering, and getting dressed is 'goal setting.'

The new age, and imo rather cultish sales phenomenon is something entirely different (every time I look at Negreanu's blog, I feel like he's joined a cult). It reminds me of my time in Therapy and in the 12 step program. Both are based on vague, intangible 'goals' which can't even be achieved in any definable way. The groups seem more about keeping their patients focused on these nebulous goals on a day to day basis. All the goal setting literature has that same problem - it doesn't clearly state what comes out of its achievement. It's just vague, new age, nonsense.

Oh yeah, the fact that it sells well means nothing. People are ignorant and gullible. Pick up artist style 'seduction' literature that's based on pseudo-Lacanian analysis is just as nonsensical, but it exploded in sales. All these self help gurus sell their gimmicks and people buy them. Goal setting is yet another version of this, and it's hypnotic effect doesn't legitimize it. Again, look at Negreanu's blog. Here's an otherwise rational person practicing a sickening degree of cognitive dissonance.
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