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Re: Donkey Poker - Crushing Low Stakes Live NLH

Originally Posted by javi View Post
The problem with 50BB is that it puts you in really dumbass spots on the flop where you're basically having to just jam with any equity. You have $100 with AKo, you raise $15 and get 2 callers, the flop is 237, what do you do? Or you raise QJo OTB and the flop is 56Q. I dont agree that your effective stack is 50BB on average. Sure fish buy in short, but eventually they get in some big multiway pot and one of them wins and is sittin on 300BB now. Those big multiway pots are the pots you want to be in with your suited connectors and small PP's, which are precisely the kinds of hands you cant raise or call preflop with 50BB in your stack. It's just all around bad bad bad. Play deep vs fish, play as deep as you can.
Have not read the book and i do feel more comfortable buying in deep, buy reading author's reasons for 50bb does shed some light.

For the ak hand, just check. Do rem to check your overpairs and strong hands as well.
A checkraise essentially is an all in here.
Make sure u mix up check folding and check raising to keep your opponents om their feet when u check.
I feel this is +ev. When u cr, with these stack sizes many opponents with less than tp will sigh call because they are committed.
Of course in the ak example you will check fold instead but if u time rebluffs against bluffs and top pair vs second pair in your raises, checking and folding here isnt that bad a play.
Checking your strong holdings isnt gonna waste value as well because you are 50bb deep. So that should be the play.

In the qj hand, either stop raisig qj in ep with 50bb or just go because u raised in lp, so theres nothing to hold you back because the long term value you get from getting it all in is worth it.

I believe that the essence of the 50bb stack.
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Re: Donkey Poker - Crushing Low Stakes Live NLH

Any updates on how good this book is?

Does it contain knowledge that you can take up limits or just for donkeys?
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