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Which Books to keep or donate?

Decluttering my house... which would you keep and which donate?
Which books are still relevant in today's game?

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Re: Which Books to keep or donate?

Funnily enough did the same thing recently and have/had a lot of the same titles.

It will depend on your own individual needs though to a large extent. What games you are going to play or skills you want to develop. So I'll just say which ones are clearly worth donating or keeping.

For keeping I'd say NLHTAP by Sklansky/Miller. Tons of really good concepts explained with great examples. Even if you don't play cash games or deeper stacks there will be plenty to take away.

PNLH by Miller, Mehta and Flynn. Same thing as above just really clear theory on playing deeper stacks which can be applied across lots of different games and situations.

The Poker mindset and Treat your Poker like a business are both very underrated books as well imo. As a professional or amateur looking to improve off the table skills you will pick up something from these and they have value in re-reading every so often.

Definite donates I would say are -

Sit n go strategy by Moshman. These games have moved on a lot since this was published.

Secrets of Short handed NLH by Ashman, same thing really. I actually really liked this book and a beginner would get a lot from it still but HU Cash and short handed cash have again gone well beyond the scope of this book.

Elements of Poker by Angelo. I re-read this before deciding to donate based purely on the many good reviews it gets. I didn't see the value in my first sitting and the second attempt didn't change that Lots of general fluffy advice and live cash etiquette.

Read 'em and Reap by Navarro. Good basic tells book but if you're going to dive into live poker your priority should be strategy first and then if you are going to work on tells just get the books by Zak Elwood. They are much more up to date and just generally better. REAR is just too basic these days unless you're playing very green opponents.
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Re: Which Books to keep or donate?

send that ace on the river to a good home
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Re: Which Books to keep or donate?

Originally Posted by KevinTheWorkman View Post
Kindle and do the electronic book thing.
i think i'm finally coming around to this took awhile

as per the OP, i should do the same thing... 3 suggestions for you. mostly all the same thing.

1) would you pay $20 - or some figure you come up with - for that book new today?

2) would you remotely think of buying it now that we aren't in a giant poker boom? not sure about you but i occasionally check poker section at giant bookchain. never much new nor interesting there. i certainly wouldn't buy at least half the books i own right now

3) there was/is a very popular book about japanese tidying magic... basically, hug your stuff. does it hug you back? if you don't love the "touchy feely" aspect of that you can at least get the idea.

it's funny but i think the greatest joy i ever got from books was getting my first dan harrington books and reading them. not sure what it was but i loved everything about those books. the cover, the material, the writiing - obviously the biggest one, dan himself (and bill robertie. always forget about him)
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