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best "math of blackjack type" books best "math of blackjack type" books

01-24-2023 , 04:33 PM
i've become interested in black jack recently.

curious if there are good "math of blackjack" types books out there.... or some sort of analytics engine for excel

i can "almost" do most of the stuff in excel.... a few things get tricky though (now that i think about it, if i assume infinite decks then most of the problems go away)

my interest right now is to find the biggest errors in black jack that most beginner-intermediate players make.

i see "staying on 12 vs. dealers 2 or 3" often cited as big mistake... but how can it be as you "stay on 13 vs. dealers 2/3" is correct play.. i'm assuming very small error.

i'm thinking the mistakes relate more to double down and split opportunities and dealing with your own soft aces............ ex. these situations, which is most hands, the basic strategy card is pretty easy to remember.

one thing that blows my mind is that the black jack apps i've downloaded so far don't have splits/DD in most cases... they play the game as you'd describe the very basics to someone else.

thanks in advance
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