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Oatmeal Steve
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Been away from poker awhile - any of my library worth revisiting?

Hello all,

Looking to get back into poker after a relatively long absence (better part of 5 years). Since I am so rusty, I'm looking to basically start fresh, reinforce the fundamentals, and build past which were before rather average abilities (small buy-in tournaments, $50-$300 range typically).

I either have in my library or have access to the following series of books:

Harrington on Hold'em
Jonathan Little Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker
Arnold Snyder Poker Tournament Formula
Kill Phil/Kill Everyone
Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time

Now I see lots of references to books being obsolete by people smarter than me, but quite frankly I'm not exactly sure what that means. (Is it methods that are just out of style? Really only applicable at the highest levels of play? People know 'that's an XYZ book style player" and know how to combat? etc Would certainly welcome some clarification/examples). In any event, as I have these books readily available to me and am probably more of a book learner than watching videos by and large, which of the above would you recommend/not recommend investing my time with?

Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide!
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