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Beginners Questions Poker beginner? Ask your (possibly) naive question here and our community will attempt to help you.

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Study order?

Hi Guys.

While I'm playing the micros, I've been reading articles and doing some study and incorporating any "nuggets" into a sort of reference document I am building for myself.

The issue is that it's getting bloated and I feel like studying/practising too many things at the same is not going to be best for me.

Of these topics, which would you call the top 3 essentials to nail down first, before moving on to other stuff?

Expected Value
Pot-Odds & Breakeven rates
Implied Odds
Value Betting
Player Subtypes
Probes (giggity)
Hole card strategies/odds
Flop Dynamics

If I try to get good at all this simultaneously, I'm going to work in some bad habits. Help me whittle it down a bit, please?

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Re: Study order?

You really need to know something about probability and equity before you move on to strategic planning.
e.g. You need to know how ATo does against a typical 3-bet range, or how well JT or 33 does vs Kx+ on KQ2.
It's simple enough to find out. Just download Equilab (it's free) and run some calculations. Until you know which hands are great/good/OK/terrible on each flop, you won't even know if you're value-betting or bluffing, or making +EV or -EV calls.
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Re: Study order?

The way I advise people to learn is in the following order
1. Know thyself-first learn how to read your own hand. Learn about relative hand strength based on board texture. Learn about pot odds, drawing odds, combinations, probability, the rule of 2 and 4. Learn how to calculate EV.

2. Know thy enemy-Learn how to read your opponent. Learn to constantly range your opponent to narrow his possible holdings. Learn to read bet sizing tells, timing tells, and physical tells. Learn how to use information from his play to categorize the player (new, experienced, aggressive, passive, loose, tight, intuitive, quantitative).

3. Learn to manipulate the game-Learn how to use bets, calls, and raises to manipulate your image and therefore manipulate the game. Learn the common moves, when they should be used, and when they can be faked. Learn the mental weaknesses of each player type. Learn to make your value bets and bluffs very difficult to distinguish. Learn to balance your play(note: this is not always appropriate at the lower levels. Balanced play is not always optimal when playing less experienced, unbalanced players).

Looking at your original study order, there are a few issues. you can't effectively learn to bluff until you can understand what your opponent sees and how he thinks.

And go ahead and take probe betting off your list, other than as something to recognize when others do it. Betting for information is a bad idea in the modern game.
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Re: Study order?

Preflop opening ranges from each position.
Pot odds and equity.
Player types.
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