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Mr. Big Stack
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Re-straddle for Button

Annoying situation last week at one of my home games. 1st orbit BUT gets to me, CO straddles ($5). 2nd orbit same thing. Guy leans over and tells me that he always straddles after shuffling the cards. Games plays with 2 alternating decks with the deck just in play shuffled by the BUT. Next 3 orbits, I re-straddle for $10. No more straddle from the CO for the rest of the night at a cost to me of $30.

I have hit some of my biggest pots from the BUT with small pairs or SC. Hands that I wouldn't open with 1st up. I think that $30 was a good investment, but I'm inexperienced so second guessing myself. Your thoughts?
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Re: Re-straddle for Button

Depends a lot on stack sizes. Straddling from BU is actually +EV in some games but you need enough effective stack behind.

Nobody can tell you if restraddling was a good move or not, but we know it was at least better to do it from BU than UTG+1.
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Re: Re-straddle for Button

Straddling BU under normal circumstances is bad. Some people think it's good at some tables, but I don't agree with their reasoning. Putting money in blind is very hard to overcome, and the BU is already hugely +EV without straddling. Straddling is just losing money (relative to not straddling).

I think straddling BU here is good. CO straddle is such a huge hit to your BU EV that I think re-taking position is worth it, especially if it makes CO stop straddling. I'm not sure why CO would stop straddling, though. It's +EV for him to see you re-straddle.
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