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The practicalities of a study group

Not sure if I'm posting this in the best place, happy for this to be moved if so.

I've recently started a study group with some other guys from the 6max uNL forum and it's going quite well with 5 active members currently communicating through a Whatsapp group chat.

We occasionally do sweats via Skype, which work well.

The problem I'm finding, though, is that we're all on different schedules given that we're from across the globe (or at least the Western hemisphere) and we'll often post a hand history for others' advice and it will be buried under 50 messages.

Is anybody here also in a group and have any tips for its smooth running?

I've heard of other people using Discord, can anyone recommend this or will we encounter much the same problem?

Would be great to hear feedback from others on what works well in their groups.
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Re: The practicalities of a study group

I had a study group before.
What we done was someone from the group one time per week uploaded a hand reply for all the people in the group to watch and every person till the end of the week will upload a txt with the spots he finds that need more analysis.

We gathered these spots and everyone uploaded his opinion on the cloud so everyone can see it after.
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