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Old 01-04-2018, 12:28 PM   #1
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Local live tournaments vslocal live cash

Hello All! Happy New year to everyone

I am curious to know what everyone prefers in their live casinos/game rooms.

I have been playing tournaments since I started playing live.. very casually maybe once a week or once every couple of weeks. However I really enjoy tournaments but I am thinking on going into live cash as it may be more profitable with less time spent at the tables.

I was wondering what everyone's take on this is do you prefer tournaments or cash games at your local casino and Why?

Just looking for some insight from everyone.

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Re: Local live tournaments vslocal live cash

Personally I prefer the inherent structure that comes with tournaments (a starting time, levels, defined end-game etc.). One of the big downsides, as others will point out, is the much higher variance of results experienced playing MTTs.

Depending on how much loss aversion you tend to feel, the stop-loss built into tournaments can be liberating to your play... but it still can feel devastating getting knocked out on the bubble.
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Old 01-04-2018, 07:58 PM   #3
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Re: Local live tournaments vslocal live cash

Live tournaments are effectively lottery tickets. Yes, you may have an edge but its so slight its hardly worth considering.

Its like buying into a local lotto for $100 along with 200 other people, they go ahead and issue 20,000 tickets ($1 each), they give 10% of you 125 tickets another 10% with 115 tickets, 60% of you with 100 tickets, 10% 85 tickets and another 10% with 75 tickets. Thats a sweet deal if you are in the 125 camp sure! Until you realise it takes 3-5 hours in line waiting to buy the god damn things!! And then you see they charge you $10 just for the effing privilege. Even if you could go stand in line two times a week you would need several life times to realise your true roi and thats assuming you're being issued extra tickets at all, cus I sure as eff can't be bothered counting them after waiting in that sweaty painful line!

Cash games offer more fun for all, winners and losing players alike. There is more conversation, laughs and arguments in cash games. In general you will be surrounding yourself with people who have had more success in their life, overall the people you see in cash games will be more interesting which you may think is unimportant but I believe it helps in life outside of poker especially if you are at the felt for 1000's upon 1000's of hours.

Cash games 100%
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Old 01-05-2018, 11:39 AM   #4
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Re: Local live tournaments vslocal live cash

Good points above ...
1) How much are you willing to risk each session?
2) What are you trying to get out of poker? Fun for x hours or profit?
3) Where do you have an edge, if any, on the other players?

I'm mostly a cash guy but I try to be honest about tournaments as well. The biggest issue I look at with tournaments is the structure. If I have to fold the first 3-4 levels how many BB will I have left? And then do I have to 2x my stack every level after that just to maintain my x BB stack?

The 'dailies' at a casino are structured to last under 4 hours in most cases with hopes that you sit down for cash before or after. You can play well and go card dead at the wrong time or get coolered and wind up with very little return for the time spent. They are low risk and low return IMO as stated above. You may never be able to apply your skill edge enough to over come the 'no brainer' spots that all the players are eventually forced into by the structure. I guess if you don't have a chance to get at least 20x your BI for first, then you may want to pass?

Obviously with cash you can show a decent profit by playing just a couple of hands and your stack dwindles at a much slower pace if you are card dead early. There are plenty of players out there that try to grind out $12 per hour and collect comps and that's fine with them. You also have the option to get up and leave at any time from a cash game ... hopefully you don't 'cash-n-dash' if you want to be a reg. GL
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Old 01-08-2018, 08:39 PM   #5
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Re: Local live tournaments vslocal live cash

I love the daily tourneys at casinos. Your better players are probably sitting at the cash table (not always just generally) and these daily tourneys are filled with "fun players". They usually pay off your monster hands, freeze up on the bubble and an experienced tournament player has a huge edge. The really good tournament grinders are not out looking for a $70 buy-in daily either.

That said, you will be a better player having cash game experience under your belt as well. It also gives you added opportunity on your trip to the casino when you bust out of that tournament early.
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Old 01-09-2018, 10:05 AM   #6
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Re: Local live tournaments vslocal live cash

I think a lot of us who got into poker around the Poker boom started out playing tournaments.
I personally have been playing longer. I first started playing 5 card draw, didn't even know holde m existed back then.
But, after 2004, when I got swept like everyone else, became mostly a holde m tournament player.
I've since given them up and play almost exclusively live cash.
You can obviously make a big tournament score that you won't match at the cash game tables.
At least, not if you're a low stakes player, 1/2, like myself.
But, I'm a consistently marginal winning cash game player.
I averaged about 5$ an hour in 2017.
Never made a lot of money but never had a losing year either.
Cash is a different game with a different skill set.
Having said all that, it all depends on what you like and on your personality.
Play what you have more fun playing.
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