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Beginners Questions Poker beginner? Ask your (possibly) naive question here and our community will attempt to help you.

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How Im doing?

I want to know how are the ussual mtts/sng sesion of a regular not-losing player. To know if Im doing well.

I play 6-8hs a day, micro sngs (80%) and Mtts (20%) and things are going like this: 75% of the days I end up "even". 12% I lose some buy ins, 12% I win some buy ins 1% I win more than 20-25 BI

I grew my BR from 6/2017, started with $13. At $180 in november moved to $1 $1.10 games and grew it up to 350 right now.

180 >> 350 was "fast", and now Im stucked. Going from 350 to 450 and back.

I just want to know how long you can stand "even" with out thinking you have some leaks. Remember I play 80% sngs 45/180 persons regular and just some mtts.

Thanks for reading

P.S: I probably have ALL the leaks, just want to adjust the studing-playing time according to what you think about this
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Re: How Im doing?

Originally Posted by tucanroman View Post
I just want to know how long you can stand "even" with out thinking you have some leaks. ...
I'm not a big SNG/MTT guy so I'll leave those questions alone.

As for running even in a cash game, a marginal winning player has a 76% chance of a 30K+ hand break even stretch over 200K hands. So yes, you can run break even for a long time.

How Bad Can Poker Variance Get?
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Re: How Im doing?

Most players would love to 'stay even' so I guess be happy with that for a moment.

Do you play on a site where players can build 'notes' on your play? Although your BR is the ultimate barometer for most player you really need to look at 'how' you are playing and where you might be missing out on minor 'value' spots to improve your results.

Another version of 'even' is your skill level. Hopefully this isn't your plateau. How much time do you put into study v playing? Have you ever posted a hand here for review? Check yourself mentally to see where your drive is right now. Not knowing how much you play, perhaps you need a few days off?

How are you doing? The short answer is better than most ... there is more information needed beyond that. GL
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Re: How Im doing?

Oh thanks a lot both.

I play on PS and a little at 888. I do write notes to players.

I "study" around 1,5-2hs a day, if studing means also read a this forum. I mark hands for review, I posted some here. I would like to post 1 or 2 every end of session but maybe is to much and you will hate me. Last week for example I finaly studied how to do the math for pot odds and mix it with odds and now I calculate it during play if needed. I used to only do an aproximation without numbers, now I also do it but can calculate the exact math if needed. I pasted some equity charts on my CPU also

I play 6-8hs every day, 6 days a week.

Now I'm facing this mentality big issue: stupid/risky calls on ICM spots or river. Some times I can work it out, other times I click before I think.

I also think I need to review some reading about value betting. Especialy amounts in bets.

I play 80% of sngs because I don't want to experience those bigs variance downswings with Mtts only (also I am playing just 1.10 and need more tables) and it might be working. I'm happy to hear that big break evens is a good thing for a tourney player. Thanks again

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