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Beginners Questions Poker beginner? Ask your (possibly) naive question here and our community will attempt to help you.

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Help with software for new comp

So I have been playing online/live recreationally for a little over two years. Live poker helped me pay my way through Respiratory Therapy school, but I've been b/e online.
I currently work in an ICU in Northern California, but due to the state wide shutdown out hospital has been under 40 percent capacity and I have been getting furloughed a lot. Due to these unfortunate circumstances I have been playing a lot more online poker.
I decided to pull the trigger and have a comp built that's designed for playing online poker / tracking software / and possibly running solvers. I used the forums here to research what components I would need and then I sent that list to my brother-in-law who is now in the process of building the comp.

Bankroll situation: I currently have 2 pokerbros accounts that have a total 2200, and I also have 900 on global. I mainly have been playing 40nl with some 60nl mixed in. The plan once I have my comp is to run one monitor for global s&g /MTT and the other to run cash games on pokerbros and ignition.

Software questions
Tracker : I need a hud / tracker that will work seamlessly across the different sites I play.. I'm not by any means a techy so the simpler and easier-to-use the better. I am leaning between DriveHud or PT4. I know pt4 has more flexibility and options for database analysis, but I honestly don't even know if I'm technically advanced enough to utilize it. Will drivehud be enough for me to track play /have a simple hud across platforms (running multiple tables), hand analysis, and help me to find and plug leaks?

Solver: Has anyone heard of or used Checkmath? It appears to be an abbreviated version of a solver which may be more user friendly for somebody like me?
I am strongly considering seeking some coaching. My goal is to gain a better fundamental understanding of the game and move up to 100 possibly 200nl.

I'm also considering starting a pgc with my full back story (x heroin addict) to keep some accountability and get feedback on hands. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Re: Help with software for new comp

Pokerbros is a great place to start. Games are soft. I'm going to be biased towards Drivehud + Asian hand converter, but for good reason. You can PM me if you need any assistance with it.

I'd start with some training content before moving directly to coaching. Upswing is a good choice. For solvers just try the trials for some of them and see what interface you like best. This will allow you to play around with them a bit and see better what your needs will be. There's tons of free content out there on how to use them on youtube.

GL on your poker journey!
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Re: Help with software for new comp

Tracker: pt4 defenitely better. If you think you not "technically advanced enough" of it - what wold you do with Solver? PT4 is much easier then hm2/hm3 for example. So, go for it!
Solver: You should find get coaching before, really.
Coaching: Have some time for choose a coach, read his topics, check his results, serch for "students commets".

And, good luck, wish you the best.
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