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Beginners Questions Poker beginner? Ask your (possibly) naive question here and our community will attempt to help you.

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Old 05-19-2017, 10:09 PM   #26
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Re: Frustrated with value betting on 2NL

To give you a quick update, I have been trying to adapt my play thanks to your comments and especially ArtyMcFly's lessons here in this forum thread:

- Check-calling OOP with TPGK or marginal pairs on the Flop, not c-betting in multiway pots except for balancing, delayed c-bets, etc
- Increase my 3betting range from the blinds against CO and BTN
- Slow down and accept to skip one or two streets of value to catch bluffs

It seems I have been running better this week, I started having some good sessions again.

It feels odd sometimess... check-calling OOP and feeling a little blind... or feeling tempted to take a stab when I might be ahead OOP, but deciding to check nonetheless. While I feel a little too passive sometimes, what I aim right now is try to catch at least one more street of value when I am WA his whole range.
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Re: Frustrated with value betting on 2NL

That's still a very small sample size where variance would have a major effect on results, but it's good to see your blueline is better, your WTSD and W$SD have gone up, and you're not being overly aggro with mid-strength hands.
It can feel weird at first when you check with a hand that is often ahead (especially as we were all taught ABC play for the micros, with bet-folding being the main strat), but you'll get used to it. One of the things that can get annoying is you sometimes "allow" villain to get there when he takes free cards in position, but that's poker. If you get your betting and checking ranges correct, you'll play more turns and rivers (so you get better at hand-reading and poker in general) and you'll pick off a lot of bluffs when you have the best hand, while minimizing your risk of getting stacked when you have the worst.
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