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Beginners Questions Poker beginner? Ask your (possibly) naive question here and our community will attempt to help you.

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Differents between Online to Offline

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this amazing site and I'm beginner offline player.
I want to take my poker experience to next level and try to become an online player.

Can some1 explain me the difference between the games and what is the best way to learn? Any guide you know that will give me advantage .

Thank You.
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Re: Differents between Online to Offline

The biggest difference between live and online is that online games are tighter. At least once you get past the lowest stakes, you won't see many multiway pots that start with someone limping in. Hand selection (and aggression) is more important, as the passive limpers that are common in live games get totally destroyed online.

The best ways to learn are reading modern guidebooks and watching videos. Oh, and by playing a lot too. Start at the lowest stakes and see how you get on. Good luck!
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Re: Differents between Online to Offline


1. Games are usually smaller (.01/.02 or similar stakes are often comapred to live $/$2)
2. Players have HUDS (many players have tracking software to track how often opponents open, call, etc.)
3. Games are faster (you will play many more hands per hour online than live, This can affect things like tilt, since bad beats seem to stick with people more than wins)
4. Here there be bots (on some networks, there are bots that can make the game challenging)
5. Online poker is rigged (it isn't, but someone had to say it)
6. Harder to make reads (At a live table, I can size up my opponent pretty quickly. Online, there is a lot less information to go by)
7. Online can have funny avatars (and live can have people in funny hats)
8. People say things in a chat window that they would be too scared to ever say in real life (if rough table talk tilts you, go ahead and close the chat window)
9. Some people have trouble focusing online due to the availability of a ton of distractions
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Brussels Sprout
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Re: Differents between Online to Offline

Online also offers the opportunity of playing multiple games at once.
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