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Old 02-24-2019, 05:06 PM   #1
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Correct play or no?

Not sure if I made the correct play here with my turn 3 bet? What do you guys think?

MP: 111.6 BB
CO: 343.8 BB
BTN: 116.1 BB
SB: 38.2 BB
Hero (BB): 141.2 BB
UTG: 133.9 BB

SB posts SB 0.5 BB, Hero posts BB 1 BB

Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has Th Ks
UTG raises to 3.5 BB, fold, fold, fold, SB calls 3 BB, Hero calls 2.5 BB

Flop : (10.5 BB, 3 players) Jc 8s 9h
SB checks, Hero checks, UTG bets 7.8 BB, SB calls 7.8 BB, Hero calls 7.8 BB

Turn : (33.9 BB, 3 players) Kc
SB checks, Hero checks, UTG bets 25.4 BB, SB raises to 26.9 BB and is all-in, Hero raises to 129.9 BB and is all-in, UTG calls 97.2 BB and is all-in

River : (306 BB, 3 players) 3c
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Old 02-24-2019, 05:09 PM   #2
should be called sevenfour
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Re: Correct play or no?

turn jam seems horrific, what worse hands call you
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Old 02-24-2019, 06:00 PM   #3
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Re: Correct play or no?

I think starting with pre there are mistakes calling flat from blinds is not that good unless your planning on sinking utg cause he is maniac or something.

Else wise folding here is best option second best is 3bet to try to get utg heads up to flop and win with cbet.

The way you played it I think calling turn is better and deciding on rivet. I assume your micro so if big bet on river and no Q then fold. Most won't triple barrel that board with hands that TK is beating.
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Old 02-25-2019, 09:23 AM   #4
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Re: Correct play or no?

My thoughts:

Preflop facing a raise from UTG with a hand like KTo, I'm considering folding depending on the playing habits of the player UTG. Already being big blind gives you better odds to call though, so I may call it sometimes, especially if UTG is usually a loose player. Assuming he's not a maniac, I'm putting him on a high pocket pair, AK, AQ, and maybe some other suited broadway hands.

The flop comes and it doesn't really hit his range. Sure he could have JJ, or even AA, KK, QQ but odds are he's missed this more times than he's hit and he's c-betting to get you to fold after you checked, so I'm happy to call there. Maybe even mix in a 3 bet semi-bluff (you have an open ended straight draw), but I prefer that in a heads up situation.

The turn gives you top pair and you still have a straight draw. I like the check, I'd be trying to see a cheap showdown. UTG raises, and this could still be a bluff. But then SB check-raises him with an amount that has no fold equity at all. UTG is always going to call the extra 1.5BB in such a big pot. That tells me SB either has trips or has hit his straight already - the flop suited his range a lot better than UTG's.

At that point I think I would fold, at worst I'd call and hope for a Q on the river.

If I had to guess how this played out, I'd guess SB wins with a K high straight, and UTG loses with AA, or a set of kings or jacks?
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Old 02-25-2019, 02:09 PM   #5
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Correct play or no?

1) UTG has been aggressor the whole time, assume strong
2) You are stuck with the all-in Player, are you really ahead of their range with one-pair weak kicker?

3) If UTG was bluffing/weak you win zero chips from them when they fold.
4) Although I am in favor of getting side pots started, do you really think you are flipping (50%) against UTG's calling range? You have to win the side before you can win the main!

5) Perhaps you thought since there was 110-ish in the main pot that you needed to 'pot' (97 eff) now rather than something smaller or after the River came out? Give us some of your thoughts where you thought you were 33% to win against both V ranges or that you thought you were ahead of the all-in's range and UTG wouldn't call you down getting 2 to 1 pot odds.

It's possible, but probably unlikely, that if you were 'a lot' deeper that you could get some better UTG hands (mainly only AA) to fold out against this Board, which would free your hand to take on the all-ins range. But IMO your opportunity to bluff (and this is a bluff with KT) would be by betting/jamming a blank River and hoping for a weak fold by UTG.

Bluffing into a dry side pot just doesn't go well in the long haul unless you are so sure you are ahead of the all-in's range. GL
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Old 02-25-2019, 04:16 PM   #6
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Correct play or no?

Pre is close.
Check-Fold flop.
Check-Fold turn.

You massively overplayed your hand. To play big pots multiway, you basically need the nuts, not one pair, so-so kicker, and a draw that isn't to the nuts.
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Old 02-25-2019, 06:22 PM   #7
old hand
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Re: Correct play or no?

Pre is a snap fold in my book
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Old 02-26-2019, 02:27 PM   #8
old hand
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Re: Correct play or no?

fold pre, dominated hand vs UTG range
as played: checkraise bluff flop, you block a lot, have good draw, a flop that kinda sucks for him. check back turn when you pick up some equity - a free card only helps you now, and you dont wanna blow yourself off what just became a decent made hand.
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