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Beginners Questions Poker beginner? Ask your (possibly) naive question here and our community will attempt to help you.

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BQ Digest, April 2012

"The mission of the BQ Digest is to inform and entertain its readers."

Editorial staff: Bona, Papapyrite, Whydowe_fall, Obviously.bogus, Mikes007, BumbleBee99

Welcome to the BQ digest. We have made a few changes this month, and hopefully our readers will enjoy the variety. In the coming months our plan is to incorporate some new ideas and content, while maintaining the core sections that we believe are most useful. Please let us know how you feel about the new content, or make suggestions for future improvements.

We hope the readers of BQ Digest find it both informative and entertaining, and will take a moment to rate this thread so that others can see the gold stars displayed in the forum list. New readers please note, each issue of the digest contains a link to the previous issue. This provides you an opportunity to read or refer to any and all previous issues.

This month we are pleased to have guest columnist Ice_W0lf, who begins a two part series on buying and selling a percentage of tournament action. Auntie WDWF has a PSA for the guys using pee jugs, and Obviously.Bogus writes about Fish Fry and all the other forum games going on this month. Mike takes his turn with the editor introductions this month, and also has an excellent column discussing pot control, which is once again first rate strategy generously provided by a professional coach. There's a lot of valuable information this month, as well as a fun pirate crossword puzzle. As a special bonus, we also have a quiz submitted by Misty Blue with a special prize!

Our poster of the month is Hippy80, and we think he deserves this honor for his willingness to participate generously in forum discussions and forum games. He is also very helpful to new posters, and always maintains a positive disposition. Many of you may know him from his excellent work on QuadJacks, so please join us in celebrating Hippy80 as our POTM!


Bona on a sad note: March saw the good guys take a severe blow. Your very own BQ based, super hero team aka "Legion of Decency" was blindsided by a group of marauding, green, outside agitating thugs, posing as BQ Mods.

This injustice was considered a travesty by most and criminal by some; The LoD won 34% of matches in the face of this invasion and all were fighters to the end. Special congratulations to Auntie WDW_F and OB for dispatching two of the merciless assassins while the rest of us were unable to overcome the enormous luckboxery that these poseurs brought with them.

Nominated to the "Hall of Shame": those real BQ mods who cowered in fear during the battle.


We are pleased to introduce our BQ Digest April poster of the month: Hippy80. Here, in his own words, is a short introduction. Thanks Hippy!

Well, I've been asked to write a quick blog on my life in poker, such as it is. It's probably a good start to give you a quick history to the so called career and my time on 2+2.

Bona and Bee probably remember the 1st time they saw my name pretty well. it was probably back in 2009 when I turned up to play a Shanoobs game for the 1st time. I seem to remember I came 3rd, and some [s]idiots[/s] wonderful people had offered me a dollar for every person I knocked out of shanoobs as it was my 1st time. I think the practice stopped pretty soon after that, and I was rolled to abuse Shanoobs for the foreseeable future.

I've been a BQ reg pretty much ever since, trying to offer advice where I can, and posting the odd thread saver when I need to bump the NC/LC thread from page 7. I do have another side though:

After Black Friday, I was listening to an upstart internet radio programme, which was discussing the breaking news after the biggest legal issue top hit online poker in it's history. I conversed in chat, and read around the subject as I listened and with my knowledge and experience from my real life job, I gained some insight into the situation.

In one of the slow periods, when the hosts had reached the end of their endurance, a request went out for people to come on air, to discuss their take on the situation. I volunteered, and 8 hours later, at 7am, my 1st stint on Quadjacks Radio finished.

I became a QJ regular, and spent a load of my nights online, talking on the air, giving my opinions on the news of the day, dipping into my finance experience, and trying to offer a rational insight into these scary situations.

When the Alderney Gaming Control Commission (AGCC) held it's non-hearing into the actions of Full Tilt Poker, I was there, representing Quadjacks, giving live reports through Skype back to QJ Towers in Las Vegas, on the inactions taken that day. I met a lot of people that day, who had a lot more experience in the poker media. I learnt a lot that day about how the industry worked, most of which has helped me advance my career.

I kept on "tinkering" with poker media until early October last year, when I got talking to Jesse May, the God Father of European Poker Television, and the guy who commentated on the show (Late Night Poker) that got me into No Limit Hold 'Em. He offered me money to write for the Poker Farm, a staking and Poker Media site, that was looking to change direction.

I started to write for him, getting paid a small amount of money per article, and I got talking to a few other sites as well, and I've been writing on a freelance basis ever since.

Recently, after a few years trying to get a company working in social finance off the ground, I've had to return to working for someone else. This has put a serious crimp into what I've been able to do regarding poker, and writing.

My MTT volume has dropped through the floor, and I've not written an article for over a month (I actually need to bill someone for my last one!). My time on 2+2 has also dropped, even with the iPhone app (signal in my building sucks ass), and I've not been posting in BQ or NVG anywhere near as much I have done in the past, but I still pop up from time to time, doing my best to offer reasonable advice, and trolling the damn stupid questions that have been answered 30 times in the past week, but I try to be reasonable, and not go nuclear and call someone a ****** like waffle. Maybe that's why I'm not a mod?


mikes007 - Every month the BQ Digest editors have been introducing themselves, and it looks like it is my turn this month. I was born in Toronto, Canada, but moved to the United States when I was young. Right now, I live in Norwich, NY which is a small town about an hour away from Binghamton. I play poker for a living, although it has become really difficult after Black Friday. I also do some coaching.

I started playing poker in 2004, after watching it on TV. This was during the poker boom – it was the year after Moneymaker won the WSOP ME. The games back then were incredibly soft, and the bonuses and promotions from that time were amazingly generous. Seriously, you guys who were not playing back then have no idea how much easy money was available for the taking in those days. At first, I didn't know what I should play, so I played SNGs, MTTs, LHE cash games and NLHE cash games. Eventually I settled down to playing FR NL Holdem, and pretty soon I was making more money at the tables than I was at my crappy job. At that point I decided to quit my job and play poker full time. Throughout the years, there have been many challenges to playing poker, in particular the games have steadily become harder, and I lost quite a significant amount of money in the events surrounding BF.

At present, I am still playing full-ring NL cash games, mostly at merge, but with a bit of play at Cake, Bovada, and Winning Poker Network. I've been learning a bit of PLO and also playing some LHE from time to time. I'm more involved with the forums now than I used to be; and I'm glad to be part of the group of BQ regs who are always great for discussing hands and for doing fun prop bets or forum competitions. If you're interested to read more about me here is a link to my Well in BQ from about a year ago.

In poker, we are always trying to make the pots we win as large as we can, and the pots that we lose as small as possible. Thus, we usually want to bet or raise when we think we have the best hand, and check and either call or fold when we think we are behind. However, there are some cases where we are very likely to have the best hand, but nevertheless it is correct to not bet. These are the spots to use what is commonly called “pot control”. This concept of pot control is often applied incorrectly; frequently players use their absolute hand strength to determine whether or not to exercise pot control. But absolute hand strength is a bad criterion to use. What we need to consider is our relative hand strength compared to our opponents range of hands, along with the type of action we expect to face from our opponent depending upon what action we take. In this article, I will give a few examples of places where I think it is correct to not take an aggressive action, even though we are very likely to have the best hand.

For our first example, let's consider a hand wherein a player in early position opens for 3.5bb, and we are on the button with JJ. This player is a solid reg. His early position opening range is about 8%, and his fold to 3bet % is 65%. An 8% range looks something like: 66+,AJs+,KQs,QJs,JTs,T9s,AQo+. Against this range, we have 59% equity. Only 1.4% of his hands beat us (AA, KK, QQ); we are ahead of the other 6.6%. Yet, we should not 3bet. If he's folding 65% of his 8% range to a 3bet, that means he's continuing with 2.8%, which is something like JJ+,AKs,AKo. Against that range, we are crushed and have only 37% equity. So, would we rather call and play a 8bb pot in position with 65% equity, or would we rather 3bet, create a 20bb pot with only 37% equity, and sometimes face a 4bet? I think it is clear that we do best by flatting his open here. But wait, what about the 65% of the times that he folds? Don't we gain significant equity when that happens? Well, yes we do. But it is better to take advantage of that fold equity by choosing a hand to bluff with, perhaps something like K9s or A5o or 97s, rather than taking a hand as good as JJ and turning it into a bluff. So, how would we need to change this scenario to make 3betting better than flatting? Well, if we make the raiser an aggro fish who opens a lot of pots and calls a lot of 3bets, then JJ would be well ahead of his range for calling and we can 3bet for value. Or if the raiser was in a position where he will have a wider opening range and a wider continuing range, we could also 3bet for value.

Now let's consider a different hand. Suppose there is an open raise in front of us from a tight reg who cbets and barrels the turn a lot of the time. We are on the button and call with 88. The big blind, who is a 50/12 fish, also calls. You have a note on him which reads “Raised flop with top pair, 2nd kicker. Stacked off on turn with overpair.” We see the flop 3-ways against a fish and a reg, and the board comes Js 8c 2c. The fish checks to the PFR, who cbets a normal size, and the action is on us. We have the best hand here close to 100% of the time. We should also flat here close to 100% of the time. There is simply too great a chance that the fish will do something stupid for us to raise and knock him out of the pot. I can anticipate some objections to this line: “Isn't the fish getting great odds to continue with his flush draws and open-ended straight draws? Certainly we want to charge him to draw!” Well yes, he is getting great odds to continue if he should happen to have one of those hands. But he's a 50/12! His range is super-wide here. Perhaps more to the point, his likely range for continuing if you just call is also super-wide. The distribution of his hands on that flop is something like: 2% monsters, 2% strong combo draws, 12% draws for which he is getting the proper odds to call, 25% marginal made hands, 20% weak draws, and 44% air. I think it is worth letting him draw correctly with 12% of his range, in order to induce mistakes from perhaps 40-50% of his range. And we are simultaneously inducing the reg to barrel the turn. By calling here, we induce mistakes from both of our opponents. By raising, we allow our opponents to lose the least with the majority of their ranges. If our positions were different such that the fish had to act before we did, then we might consider raising, as the fish would already have the chance to make a mistake before the action gets to us, and our raise would reopen the betting and allow both of our opponents to make more mistakes.

Now, let us consider a hand where we have a decision to make on the turn. Let's say you open AQs in MP and a tightish set-miner calls from the SB. You have seen him cold-call before with mostly pocket pairs, but sometimes with AK and AQ as well and a few suited connectors. He will sometimes call the flop with his unimproved pocket pairs, but will usually fold the turn unless he has a strong hand. The flop comes T 7 2 with one of your suit. He checks to you, you cbet, and he calls. The turn is an off-suit A, giving you top pair, 2nd kicker. He checks to you again. I think the best play here is to check-behind and try to get a bet in on the river. If we barrel the turn, it is very likely that we narrow villain's range specifically to those hands which have us beaten or tied – that is, sets and top pair with a good kicker. If we check back, villain may bluff the river, or he may decide to bluff catch with an unimproved pocket pair. And when he has a set, we lose less by keeping the pot small on the turn. If the villain was not a tight set-mining type of player, but instead was a loose-passive calling station, then it would be an error to check back the turn; he would have plenty of hands in his range for us to get value from.

Now, let's look at another spot. You have KK and raise in early position. A reg who plays somewhat straightforwardly, but likes to take a stab at the pot when shown weakness calls in the CO. Flop comes Qs Ts 7h. You cbet, and he calls. Turn comes 2c, you bet again and he calls. The river is the 5h, and it's your action. Here, I think it is overwhelmingly likely that you have the best hand. Your opponent is not likely to have a set or two pair, else he would have raised, probably on the flop. He will have a lot of missed draws, sometimes he will have AQ or maybe KQ, and every once in a while, he is trapping you with AA or the other KK. On balance, I would say you're probably something like 75% to have the best hand. But betting here doesn't really accomplish much. If you do have the best hand, there are only a few combos of AQ and KQ which can call. He may even fold those hands, especially KQ, to a 3 barrel. And he will surely fold his missed draws, except sometimes he may raise them as a bluff, which will put you in a terrible spot. By checking to him and calling, you induce him to bluff with his missed draws, which will be a big part of his range on that board, and he might even valuebet AQ. This is a situation where his betting range will be wider than his calling range, so you should take advantage of that fact to get some value from his air by checking to him. If villain was instead a calling station, or if he was a passive player who hardly ever bluffs, it might be better to lead out for maybe 50-60% of the size of the pot, as the only value you are likely to get will be his calls with top pair.

As you can see, it is very important to consider how your actions will contort villain's ranges. When we have the best hand, often the best way to maximize our EV is by taking a passive line, as it will induce more action from the weak part of villain's range. You will notice that my example situations each consider our action on a different street. This is because we need to be conscious of shaping the size and type of pot we want to play on all streets, from preflop to the river, in order to maximize our EV.


Beginning next month, we will be posting a poker legislation update on a periodic basis to keep our readers informed of the latest news stories on the constantly evolving regulated online poker environment world wide.

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by Ice_W0lf

Bapity Bap (part 1)

In this article I hope to educate you guys about a popular transaction in poker called selling shares, also known as buying a piece (bap). If you have poked around the forums at all, you have probably come across this phrase in the 2+2 Marketplace. This article will focus on just the selling side, and will only include mtts and sngs, as that is what I am most familiar with.

What does selling shares mean and how does it work?

Selling shares means you are selling a percentage of your mtt and sng buyins in an attempt to reduce the hit your bankroll can take.

For our first example, we will keep it simple. You want to play $100 worth of sngs, and you want to sell 50% of your action. Each share (1%) would be $1. As you are playing these sngs, you keep track of your cashes. For payouts, we will go with 2 examples, for the first, you did well and had $400 worth of cashes and for the second, things didn’t go so well and you only had $75 worth of cashes.

So for each share (1%), in the first example you get $400 * 1% = $4 per share. For the second example you would have $75 * 1% = 75cents per share. So if one person buys 8 shares, in example one you would send back $32 and in the second example you send back $6.

Why should you sell shares?

In my opinion, there are three good reasons to sell shares:

1) You are playing a large tournament or tournament series (think wsop, wcoop, scoop, maximus) and you would like to reduce the bankroll hit and variance.
2) You would like to take shots at games that are not quite within your bankroll but you certainly feel you have a positive expectation in (ex: A winning player that has a bankroll to play mtts up to $11s might want to sell some action in order to play a $22 scoop tournament).
3) You satellite into/earn a ticket for a big tournament that you aren’t anywhere near qualified to play for and would like to see some return on that ticket (ex: A 4nl player earning a $109 ticket through a promotion)

Where do I sell shares?

There are several places to sell shares.

1) Having friends that play poker, a group that you talk with consistently, is a great place to sell shares quickly and consistently. They can be a group that will be willing to take the gamble on buying your shares quite often. You also get the additional fun of sharing money you win with people that you enjoy talking with.
2) The 2+2 marketplace (please read the rules before posting there) is also a great resource for selling shares.
3) There are some websites out there (google selling shares poker) that will allow you to sell pieces of yourself and buy shares in others. This route should probably be avoided unless you are well known and playing large buyin tournaments.

What is markup and markdown

Markup is when you increasing the price per share, without handing out any extra shares. To go back to the original $100 example, let’s say you are a player with good solid results and you believe you can sell your 1% shares for $1.05..this would be a 5% markup. Mark-up is generally figured through 3 things 1) Your reputation 2) Your skill/results and 3) What the market will bear.

Markdown Is the opposite, or decreasing your price per share. In the $100 example, you may sell each share for 95cents, or a 5% markdown. Generally this is done by people unknown in the community as a way to get their name out there.

What are some common selling mistakes?

The most common mistake as a seller is selling shares in games that you are already well bankrolled for and play on a consistent basis. If you are a tournament grinder that plays up to $11s on a nightly basis, there is no reason for you to sell action in a big $11 Sunday tournament as you are already +ev for it in every sense of the word.

Another common mistake I see is when planning for rebuys. Personally, when selling action I like to give myself 5 rebuy units for regular speed and mtts 7 for turbos, as I want to be sure I don’t run out of units. By going over your allotted units in a rebuy, and continuing to rebuy, you are essentially marking down that particular mtt for no reason. It is much better to have too many units available, and have to refund them during the payout, than to have cut yourself short and markdown a tournament, thus cutting into your return.

A final common mistake I see is trying to play too many tournaments while selling shares. This is something I have been guilty of in the past. Generally I 3-6 table mtts quite comfortably, but I have been known to play up to 10-12 tables on a Sunday simply because I keep playing the smaller buyins plus the additional bigger buyins. This leads me to being way out of my comfort zone and playing pretty poorly. Remember, you are taking a shot at bigger buyins, you should want to have some more focus on those tournaments than normal, so stick to your comfort zone!

How should I track my wins and losses?

There are a few ways to track your games for your bap. One way is through your poker tracking software. This is pretty popular as pretty much any player that sells shares will have software. Another popular method is through an online site such as OPR or Sharkscope.

The main positive of these is that pretty much anyone can access that information. The main drawback is that it is quite possible for tracking software to not upload the information correctly or for OPR/Sharkscope to be incorrect (especially when it comes to how many times you rebought in a rebuy tournament).

My option of choice is to set up a spredsheet on google docs (or create one in excel and then upload to google docs). This allows anyone that you provide the link to (after setting the sheet to share) the ability to check your status any time you update it. Here is an example of what a random spreadsheet of mine may look like:

As you can see, I provide the times I’m playing, what site, what tournaments, and I also leave columns for any refunds, payouts, and I leave on column open that I try to update at breaks/after busting. I also list a spot for each buyer’s payout, so they know how much to expect, and I list a spot so that any potential buy knows what each share will cost (I generally don’t sell at anything less than 5%, although there are some exceptions that will be discussed in part 2).

The positives of this are that it can easily be updated by you at any time and can be tracked by any buyer at any time. Also, since it’s on google, it gives you something to shower future potential stock purchasers. The negatives are that you have to make sure that all info entered is correct and up to date.

In next month’s digest, I will explain selling shares from that opposite view, that of the purchaser.

by Whydowe_fall

Gentlemen: it has come to my attention that some of you think it is acceptable to use a piss jug. I have come to inform you that you are wrong. In fact, this is me issuing a cease and-god-damn desist on pissing into bottles.

Oh, do not get me wrong, I know that someone has calculated that it is +EV and blah blah blah, but no. He is wrong. Putting your junk into a jar and relieving yourself because you cannot get up is never a life +EV move. It is not even neutral EV.

The inclusion of the third party bottle to the equation is unnecessary and disgusting. Just stand up, walk down the hall, whip out your Johnson and do your thing. It takes, what, ten seconds total for a man to piss? Just take an orbit and do your thing like a man, and then go and get a beer and get back to kicking butt. It is win-win! You haven’t dribbled down your pants and onto your poker chair! How novel!

“But what about tournaments,” you ask. “What if I cannot just get up and go?” The answer is to wait until break; even with using the break to drop trou, you easily still have time for a smoke and to tell your woman to make you a sammich. You are also not gross. Yay!

The breaks do not sync up? You do not have breaks because the SNG is blah blah blah? You know these things going in to the tournies, plan accordingly. Or buy a laptop. Or not play tournaments that you know will not line up when you have a pea-sized bladder. There are many, many ways to get around your urination problem, and not one of them involves peeing in the same seat that you conduct your work in.

To those of you who insist on using a piss jug, what do you actually do with the bottles? Do you throw them away whole? Do you drain them, painstakingly and urine spashedly, into the toilet or otherwise?

No, actually. Please do not give me an answer.

by obviously.bogus

2012 Fish Fry

Fish Fry is upon us. By the time most people see this digest it will be underway, or a thing of the past. As I'm writing this, about 18 hours before the start of the first event, there are 19 runners which is not too bad in the post BF era.

It seems almost inconceivable now that anyone in BQ can be unaware of what Fish Fry is, considering how many times the the threads have been bumped in the last two weeks, but just in case, here is a quick into to Fish Fry ...

Fish Fry tournaments have been a tradition in BQ forum for a few years now. It's basically a series of various games such as 2-7 TD, HORSE, PLO, LHE and NL that are played all in one afternoon (or evening depending on your time zone). They are a lot of fun and have in the past attracted a wide range of players from absolute beginners to future EPT champion. The buy-in is priced so that almost anyone can afford it, and to sweeten the pot there will be money added to the prize pool, and the "Ironman" winner will get a custom undertilte and color title (color to be retained until the next Fish fry)

More info here "**** Fish Fry 2012 Beginners Tournaments ... Interest Thread ****" and here "*** Fish Fry 2012 Beginners Tournaments - Sign Up/Prop Bet Thread ***"


beginners Heads Up No Limit Association.

Modeled on the HU competition that is held in the Micro Limit Forum - uHULA, bHUNLA is a competition consisting of HUHU matches between players grouped into teams. We have held two of these before making this "bHUNLA III". One team plays another team each week for upto 5 weeks. Each player plays a HUHU match against one of opposing team members. They usually take about an hour and are played at a mutually convenient time, so the time commitment isn't too much.

Watch out for posts coming soon after Fish Fry to sign up.

Oh and FUBT.


These Forum Games are friendly low buy-in games ($1-$3) for all readers of Beginners Questions forum. They can be found on RPMPoker (merge network) in the Tournaments > Private > League tab. They are password protected, but the passwords are posted here in BQ in the SHENANIGANS and SHANOOBIGANS threads, usually posted on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

SHANOOBIGANS March winners ...

A bit of an anti-climactic final week to the month since the lead was almost unsurmountable in both races ...

OB      67.4
ZomB    44
Bona    33.2
Spliff  32
Shanomaha ...
Mike    38
Sputum  27.2
Bona    26
ZomB    22.2
... and again no it's not rigged !!!

The full SHANOOBIGANS scoreboard is here -> scoreboard

SHENANIGANS has a scoreboard that runs for the full year. Current leaders are ...

1  RePairMike    79
2  Bonafidefish     71
3  McNeese72     66
4  tehpokerz     62
Mike must be stopped!!!

The full SHENANIGANS scoreboard is here -> scoreboard

And as always, watch for the *SHANOOBIGANS* and *SHENANIGANS* threads in BQ each week and come play with us !!


A Quiz for April

Misty Blue kindly submitted a quiz for your enjoyment. If you want to compete for a prize please submit your answers to the quiz to Bona, by PM only.

The most correct answers will win an entry to all SHANOOBIGANS games for 4 weeks. There is one prize so in case of tie, first in will be the winner.

Entries may only be received by PM to Bona. Entries that are posted or referred to in a thread are instantly disqualified. Entries received after April 24th will not be considered.

Without further ado. We introduce "Misty Blue".

by "Misty Blue"

1. You start off your mtt in the hijack seat. Which seat is this?
  • The Small Blind seat
  • The Big Blind seat
  • It is one seat left of Under the Gun
  • It is two seats right of the Button
2. In Hold'em: if you have 7-2 and I have A-A in the hole , with a board showing 7-2-8-8-K, which card has counterfeited your hand.
  • flop
  • turn
  • river
3. Badugi: 4 players in game, which hand wins?
  • As 2c 4d 7h
  • 3s 4c 5h 6d
  • 2h 3s 4c 5d
  • Ad 3c 5h 8s
4. I got a flat tire, what am I holding?
  • JA
  • J4
  • A2
  • 99
5. You're up against 1 opponent in a NL HOld'em Tournament. You bet half your stack, he looks to you and says, "You're pot commited now?" What's he mean by that line?
  • He's saying: he plans on raising you, so that you'll be committed n' forced to fold to him
  • He's saying: if he pushes all in you're committed to call, cus of the amount you have in the pot
  • He's saying: you are committed to fold, since you made an improper bet
  • He's saying: he thinks you're gonna lose the hand, since you committed a desperate overbet
6. You're in an MTT and a player has pushed you all in. As you both turn over your cards, he shows his pocket nines as you show your AK suited hand. He says, "We have a race." What's he mean?
  • He's making a deal with you to split the pot and not see the flop
  • Same as you dominating him and he's saying you're a huge favorite
  • Same as him dominating you and he' saying you are the underdog
  • Same as a coin flip and he's saying you both have an even chance of winning
7. Who was entered into the Poker Hall of Fame after making a huge comeback with just one chip left n' going off to win a world series of poker main event?
  • Joseph Hachem
  • Dewey Tomko
  • Jack Straus
  • Doyle Brunson
8. In a HU showdown, which hand is slightly weaker than a pair of twos?
  • A-A
  • A-K
  • 10-10
  • A-2
9. What moves clockwise around the table after each hand to ensure that no player gets an unfair advantage with the blinds?
  • The host
  • The player to the right
  • The player to the left
  • The dealer chip
10. Who won a wsop main event with one of the worse starting hands in Texas Hold'em - 7-3os?
  • Jack Straus
  • Joseph Hachem
  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Phil Hellmuth


Piratey Puzzle

Bona has conjured up an amazing pirate themed poker crossword puzzle for April!

You can work the puzzle interactively online, or the old fashioned way from the image posted below. We hope you enjoy the challenge.

The online version: A Language of Their Own

Thanks for reading this month's Digest! Your suggestions and contributions help us maintain our perspective. We couldn't do this without you. You can offer suggestions or criticism, you can discuss columns and articles. You can get an answer about anything in the digest by posting here in this thread

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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Good job guys !


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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

2nd on the 1st of the 4th.

Nice work!
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

unbeleivably legndary episode. Great new banner, my Zoom thread is linked, a piratey poker crossword AND a quiz!! I think I just came.
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Glad you liked it Chad, and ta for the idea
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Originally Posted by chad0x00 View Post
unbeleivably legndary episode. Great new banner, my Zoom thread is linked, a piratey poker crossword AND a quiz!! I think I just came.
Legendary too much information. Thanks for the crossword idea though.
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Another awesome post guys. Thanks for taking the time to do these each month. They are appreciated
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Excellent digest this month. Well played everyone.
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Ice_WOlf great article on bap. I do this quite a bit for higher buyin live events. How do you determine how much of yourself to sell? Playing in the WSOPC St Louis later this month, looking at 2-6 events. Would it make more sense to play in fewer events with a bigger piece of myself or more events with a smaller piece? I've always tried to keep at least 50% but at 4-5 events it's would put a pretty big dent in my BR.
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Great read. I particularly enjoyed Mike's strat article.
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Originally Posted by nyrugby View Post
Ice_WOlf great article on bap. I do this quite a bit for higher buyin live events. How do you determine how much of yourself to sell? Playing in the WSOPC St Louis later this month, looking at 2-6 events. Would it make more sense to play in fewer events with a bigger piece of myself or more events with a smaller piece? I've always tried to keep at least 50% but at 4-5 events it's would put a pretty big dent in my BR.
Thanks for the compliment

Generally what I do is make my schedule and then consider 2 things:

1) How much of a hit am I willing to take if things go to hell and I whiff everything?

2) Up to this point.. all of my action sold has been online.. so I figure out my average buyin for my package and sell enough to get it down to be equal to.. or a bit higher than.. my normal average buyin.

Generally this works out to being 50%. Up to this point, I have never sold more than 50%, but I can certainly see the merits of doing so.

What you could do is just balance each event based on the buyin. So (keeping math easy), say the wsopc buyins are $100 $100 $500 $1000 $1000 and $2000.. and you can easily afford the 100s and 500s.. but only 75% of the 1000s and 50% of the 2000.. do something like this:

$1000*.25= $250
$1000*.25= $250
$2000*.50= $1000

Selling $1,500 worth of action..(add in markup if any).. and 10% would be $150. It requires a bit more math on your part but it allows you to keep bigger percents of games you can mostly afford and sell off more in games that are a stretch.
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Ice, thanks for the quick response. I like the idea of selling different % depending on the size of the buyin. I've always just sold a percentage of my total action. Now I just have to figure out how to sell it as a positive to my investors.
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012


So, we're scraping the bottom of the barrel already?

Thanks guys, it's an honour (notice the "u", I'm spelling it properly) and I hope I can get enough time online this month to make the most of my new avatar!
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

A deserved POTM Hippy. And yes, I rememeber your first Shanoobs as we had a nice chat after as you hoped you hadn;t pissed anyone off by winning so much that night.

Cost me a fortune
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Good stuff as ever, Mikes article particularly bringing the ruckus
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Re: BQ Digest, April 2012

Excellent material,i think i'll start lurking around here more often.
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