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Old 01-06-2014, 08:47 PM   #1
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Question Am I being targeted?

tl;dr - are regs targeting me as the new guy at the table when they double raise straddle every one of my blinds and buttons every orbit?

long version: Played my first live cash game 5 days ago at a small casino in the Czech Republic (not Prague). I sat at a table with what seemed to be 5 or 6 regs, waited for my turn to post the BB, and then was immediately met with a raised straddle. I then observed that every one of my blinds and buttons was either met with a raised straddle or even a 2x raised straddle (once I was the first person to make a decision while being on the button), but whenever the button passed me the others went back to just a single straddle, never a raised one.

I got the impression they were targeting me because I was 1) new 2) American 3) perhaps giving off a newbie-fishy vibe.

No, I did not mention this was my first cash game, yes, I have played poker before (but only tournaments, I live in Poland where cash games are illegal and I don't attend any underground cash games), so I'm not a total poker newbie (just a garden-variety recfish, but I did nicely triple up my BI , woohoo beginner's luck and no I did not nor will I EAD).

Was my impression correct, was this a way of putting pressure on me?

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me...
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Re: Am I being targeted?

Or the guy to your left really really liked straddling and the guy to HIS left didn't like it and was re-straddling just to tick the first guy off.

If it happens again, when someone leaves the table, ask the dealer to seat change you to the empty spot. If it continues, well--- just play your premium hands on the blinds like you should and trap their straddles when you can.
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Old 01-07-2014, 03:30 AM   #3
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Am I being targeted?

Might ask for a seat change since some players are just habitual straddlers. If it follows you to the other side then it's obvious collusion and I'd call floor, explain what happened, and see if they'll turn cards over one time.
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What is EAD??
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Re: Am I being targeted?
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Re: Am I being targeted?

No....and just because other players are choosing to make these bets when you are in certain positions is something you will need to get over to be a better player.

Most people lose the most in the blinds over their lifetime. Learning to fold the small blind and especially the big blind despite the odds argument in cash games will go a long way to saving you money in the long run.

..And, if people are choosing to raise the pot when you are on the button, more power to you. This is the best position and where you should be playing most of your pots. If given the chance to always play a raised pot from the button or any other position, it would be the button.

You will continue to encounter things like this over your lifetime. Learn to exploit your opponents weaknesses and you will capitalize on them. I would love to be at a table like this where action is generated. Base your decisions on situations where you have the best of it and ignore everything else. Your wallet will thank you.
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