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All-in adj BB/100

I am trying to understand this stat in Pokertracker 4. Over last week(6000) hands my BB/100 is -18 BB/100 and my All-in adj. BB/100 is -16 BB/100. Are my losses coming from mostly these all-in situations or am I interpreting this wrong?

EXAMPLE: win rate of 0 BB/100 (over whatever size hand sample you feel is sufficient). What do the following stats mean with regards to All-in adj BB/100:

0 BB/100?
+10 BB/100?
-10 BB/100?

Are there normal ranges for what might be considered average, running hot, and running cold? Thanks for the help.
FYI, not interested in variance calculators, other stats, run hot/run cold advice etc...just interested in this particular statistic that I cannot seem to grasp.
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Re: All-in adj BB/100

In poker you have money won and lost measured in bb/100. So if you lose 10bb every 100 hands you are a 10bb/100 loser, if you win 10bb every 100 hands you are a 10bb/100 winner. If you make 0bb/100 you haven't won or lost any money.

There are times in poker when you get all the money in the pot before the river and as there are still cards to be dealt when both players turn over their hands all-in adj equity gives you the amount of money you win on average.

If you have 60% equity in a spot with 100bb in the pot you will on average get 60% of that pot so 60bb however you can only win or lose the pot so the only outcomes you have are winning and losing. If you win you are over all-in adj EV as you won 100% of the pot when only 60% of it was yours and the opposite if you lose.

What your graph is telling you is that in terms of actual money you have been losing at 18bb/100 which is what you would see missing if you looked at your cashier but on average given your all-in spots you should be losing at 16bb/100 average so you have been marginally unlucky.

Your sample is very small though so basically doesn't really tell you all that much. Chances are you are losing and if you want to stop losing you need to put some work into your game to get better.

(note - some trackers use BB which is big bets and others use bb which is big blinds. BB is a limit term which is 2bb, I think. It's very unlikely you mean BB and not bb)
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Re: All-in adj BB/100

The all-in adjusted EVbb/100 stat shows what your winrate would be if you won your "equity share" in the pots where you got all in, along with the results of all the other pots.

So if you ran well in races, your actual bb/100 would be higher than the All-in adjusted number. In your small sample, you would have lost 16bb/100 if you'd won your "fair share" of the pots where you got all in, but you ran a little bit below EV in them. The 2bb/100 of lost EV is barely anything, especially as a fraction of your overall winrate (or in this case lossrate). If you win your next race, you might be above All In EV for this sample. (Because a 100bb win or loss is quite significant in a small sample).

It's quite common to run more than 5bb below EV in a small sample, but the runbad can be quite annoying if it's sustained over a larger sample. I've run about 2bb/100 below EV for half a million hands, for instance, and my profit has been less than half of what it "should have been" in the last 125k hands. #Variance

There's nothing you can do to change your luck when all in, of course, so it's best not to obsess over it. It can drive you a bit crazy if you focus on the things you can't change, but don't do some work on fixing the things you can.
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Re: All-in adj BB/100

Example graph of my last 10,000 hands, where I was winning overall (green line), but I basically couldn't win a flip when I was all in, so the orange line is significantly higher than the green one. (My EVbb/100 is about double what I actually achieved). #Runbad4Lyfe

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