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Why do I find online easier than live? Why do I find online easier than live?

10-21-2021 , 11:25 PM
Of course reading on this site, the common understanding is online is hard. Much harder than playing live, especially 1-2. (I generally only play 1-2 and 1-3 and avoid 2-5).

Pokertracker tells me that in 58501 hands I have a 5.27 BB/100 win rate. It's not great but it's considered very good and of course 90% of online players are losing players.

So here's another jerk bragging about his online success? Right? not so fast. My live game hasn't taken hold. My stats show that I have won 8000 dollars, in the past 3 years (obviously interrupted by Covid). Not bad. But this is over the course of about 2000 hours. So obviously no PRO!

I have figured out why my online game is stronger:

a) Pokertracker. The greatest invention in poker history ever! Pokertracker showing VPIP and PFR is just huge. Learning what players are easy to have their blinds stolen (fold to steal 80%+) is a nice little earnings boost. CB addicts (90%+) need to face a healthy dose of check raising to keep them honest. It's so easy to profile players and exploit.

b) I am playing at a much more comfortable level. I only play 10NL and 25NL. I am ok with taking my bad beats. I am ok bluffing 5 dollars. It's psychologically a boost. I need to adopt the same mentality when playing 1-2. But buying in for 200-300. A bad night can be 600-1000 loss. I know, I know. I have the bankroll. But it still stings.

c) Lower rake. Speaks for itself. In my area there are no casinos. It's always underground and the rake is higher.

d) Physical tells? I'm guessing that I have some physical tells that are getting exploited. I admit I am not the best at reading tells. Despite many hours reading books on tells and studying Youtube videos.

e) less fish. There just seems to be less live fish than there used to be. People used to call my bets more often with marginal hands. Most of these players have busted out. Same proble for even the pros. But the edge in player quality isn't what it used to be.

Anyone finding the same thing?
10-22-2021 , 07:01 AM
a) can be countered by paying attention. Online you are having your hand held being told what to do every step of the way. Live you get the same details, but you just need to look for them
b) could be a possibility, but you say you have the bankroll, so are you scared money live or not?
c) maybe, but should be easily counteracted by a weaker playing field
d) you exaggerate this unless you're a complete übertellbox
e) is even more exaggerated online

Could also be that you have the problem that a lot of online players have live - you might lack the patience and start playing crap because you're not getting 200 hands an hour.
10-23-2021 , 07:59 AM
a) While the pace of live is much slower, you really do need to pay attention and calculate all those stats for yourself intuitively .. which you should be able to do due to the slower pace. Do you multi-table?

b) You need to look at your chips as BB, not $$. As long as you really do have a BR (20-50 BI for that stake) then one of the major hurdles is playing poker based on the spot. I steal many pots live due to the 'tank of gas' mentality that lots of Players bring to the table.

c) While rake is a factor of 'winning less' it shouldn't determine if you are a winning Player or not. Again .. BB, not $$

d) I'm guessing your 'tells' are just your playing style .. of which you may not be taking advantage of enough. You probably can 2x your bluffing rate (in position) and you'll see an instant increase in profit. You may have a bet sizing tell as well .. or just a bet tell, like you only bet when yo have it!

e) Just because Players know more doesn't mean there aren't fish .. or just opportunities. You should find a wider range of skill live, so you need to adjust your play based on who is left in the hand. I will once again stress bet sizing. I can have many different bet sizing patterns based on who is in the hand and that's where the profit comes from live. If you always bet $xx in 'this' spot you miss out on the extra money from some Players and also get folds from others who would've called (and lost) for less.

It sounds like you have a good grasp of the stats and how they apply to game flow. Now you need to 'take a chance' and create some (and trust) those outlier points of data that can help your bankroll overcome when you run bad in the ABC spots. GL
10-25-2021 , 01:17 AM
do you multi-table? if you do, it naturally lends itself to playing tighter.