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Re: [Global Poker] Any tournament tips? Re: [Global Poker] Any tournament tips?

09-27-2023 , 04:24 AM
Iíve recently been making some small decent money playing on global poker yet I still have yet to win some merch to try and promote them since they are a great company. Iíve went from having 2 scs to cashing out 60 bucks which isnít too bad, won a few tournaments but I just canít seem to place in the ones that offer the cool packages so if anyone has any tips or advice Iíd greatly appreciate it.
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10-16-2023 , 02:10 PM
if you look back at a sample of played tourneys, you should find that you went down swinging more often than not. if you look back and see that you call call called your way out of tourneys time and time again, i think its evident that either (you call stacks off too light) or (youre not shoving enough).

whats nice about tightening calling ranges is the opponents dont see u in the pot as often; youve tightened up and thus your opponents will think your shoves are serious business. implementing strong shoving ranges from the free positions (btn to utg) will be ridiculously profitable if you make a smooth transition from (fish that calls a lot doesnt know good shove ranges) to (something much stronger).
Re: [Global Poker] Any tournament tips? Quote